11th annual meeting - 2017


We are delighted to welcome you in China to the 11th WAEH Annual Meeting!

The 11th annual meeting of the WAEH will be hosted by the Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital from Tianjin, China from June 14 till June 17, 2017.

The questions that crop up in all of our eye hospitals cover more or less the same issues. How do we deal with the ageing workforce, cut- backs and the vitality of older employees? What are the consequences of clients and patients assuming more control over their own care for healthcare professionals? How do we deal with technology and the growing demand for care from district nurses? How can we make a career in healthcare more attractive for young people? And also: how can employees become more exible, so that they can continually adapt in the dynamic world of constantly changing healthcare needs.

In addition to discussing the latest breakthroughs each year, the Annual Meeting aims to set the landscape and give you the platform to plant the seeds for the next disruptive technologies in eye hospitals worldwide. This is done by not only strengthening the traditional relationships of those that work hand in hand, but also by initiating new conversations among individuals and organizations that may not normally cross paths. These unlikely intersections are typically where things get interesting…

To this end, the Annual Meeting offers numerous networking opportunities throughout the three days. Attendees won't want to miss our signature Wednesday reception, which will be hosted this year in the Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital (Tianjin, China).

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