Please check the program if your abstract is accepted as presentation or poster.

Addison - Peter
Quality improvement through a systematic programme of core clinical outcomes 

Al Shahwan - Sami 
Development of the KKESH Fellowship and Residency in Ophthalmology Training Program Online Tracking and Evaluation System 

Ali - Rahul

Ali - Rahul
Integrated Community Outreach Module - ICOM 

Ang - Duke

Astrom - Linda
Medical quality indicators from electronic medical records (EMR) 

Borah - RishiRaj
Refractive Errors among children - REACH Model 

Bourkiza - Rabia
Design my doctor: a student-led intervention 

Bu - Shaochong
Ophthalmology Alliance of Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital 

Cabourne - Emily
The world in two: Double vision simulation workshop 

Chakrabarti - Rahul
Teaching and Learning Cataract Surgery. Prospective evaluation of a new microsurgical training program and surgical assessment at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. 

Chan - Elsie
Keratoconus International Consortium

Chen - Yanyan
The practice of case management among the glaucoma patients in China

Chen - Yanyan
To improve the bedside settlement rate of discharged patients with high frequency: Fishbone attribution analysis and promotion countermeasures study 

Dahlmann-Noor - Annegret 
Generation Research: setting up an eye-and-vision-specific Young People’s Advisory Group for Research

Davis - Alison
Getting It Right The First Time (GIRFT) - A National View of Quality Improvement 

Devarakonda - Subramanyam
Mobile application to create easy access to eye care service delivery

Edward - Deepak
The Saudi National Telemedicine Program for ROP screening- a KKESH initiative

Egan - Catherine
Artificial Intelligence in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening 

Folkad - Annie
The power of the patient voice 

Golnik - Karl
Assuring Competence of Eye Health Care Team Members 

Gomes - Sumon Francis
Public education campaign and raising patient voice engaging community radio in Bangladesh 

Haque - Abul Ala Md Mahbubul
Eye care for all through Social Business Model 

Hingorani - Melanie 
The challenge of achieving consistent high quality care in a multisite ophthalmic hospital network – the Moorfields Quality Governance Framework

Hossain - Mohammad Awlad
Creation of diabetic retinopathy referral network in Bangladesh using a cloud-based software 

Hossain - Mohammad Awlad
Spectacles wearing compliance monitoring among school children in selected slums in Dhaka 

Jain - Elesh Kumar
Reducing Cataract Backlogs from Rural India – A community based multi stake holder approach

Juma - Zain
Peer-to-peer teaching and feedback: creating future ophthalmic educators 

Kam & Serebryanska - Ronald (Kam) & Tanya (Serebryanska)
Improving patient accessibility to emergency ophthalmic treatment: Emergency Endophthalmitis Boxes for rapid treatment of endophthalmitis 

Kanagasingam - Yogesan
Teleretinal Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy in Primary Care: Why has Uptake of this Promising Innovation Been so Low in USA? 

Kiage - Dan
Eye Care as a Social Enterprise in a Developing Country - A Case of Kisii Eye Hospital, Kenya 

Kowalewski - Cathy
Creating a 5-Star Patient Experience 

Kuyyadiyil - Subeesh
Retention of Ophthalmologists in rural areas – Influencing factors 

Lemij - Hans
Glaucoma shared care, a new model

Lemij - Hans
Fund raising for artificial intelligence 

Lim - Adam Wei Jian
The Voices of AMD patients 

Lin - Pei-Fen 
Urgent eye care - Moving from an unpredictable walk-in service to triaged rapid access

Ludden - Siobhán Marie
Anterior segment OCT to evaluate the effectiveness of cycloplegia in children 

Malek - Mohammad Ibn Abdul
Diversity and Complexity of Eye Diseases at IIEI&H,Bangladesh 

Mapani - Adam
Enhanced digital surveillance innovation in wet AMD management 

Mathew - Rashmi 
Glaucoma Patient Days: Involving Patients, Improving Care 

McDonnell - Peter
Measuring the Impact of Same Day Access 

Miller - Jacqueline
Adherence to standards of care in research projects, and children’s and families’ experience with taking part in research

Mura - Marco

Murdoch - Ian
Empowering sub-specialist training for West Africa 

Pang - Chai Li
Development of Singapore Eye Bank in Evolving Healthcare Landscape

Pang - Chai Li (C/O Machin - Heather)
Global Changes in Eye Banking - and influences on the Singapore National Eye Bank 

Paramkusham - Swamy Kamala Manohar
Tribal Eye Care - A Challenge and Opportunity by 2020

Parihar - Natwarsingh
Crafted fellowship programs - todays need 

Peng - Loh Huey 
A game-based education program to train situation awareness among scrub nurses

Machin - Heather

Improving ophthalmic nurse engagement through global collaboration. A nurse initiated project

Robinson, Michael R
History of Research, Our Current Pipeline and Opportunities for Future Research and Collaboration at Allergan

Sabaratnam - Dato Kulasegaran
The Effect of Digital Revolution on the Evolving Roles of Stakeholders of Eye Hospitals 

Sarkar - Mridul
Challenges to Comply International Quality Standards for Non Profit Eye Hospital 

Sarker - Bipul Kumer De
IIEI&H Eye Health Pyramid to Eradicate Needless Blindness in Bangladesh 

Seefeldt - Rick
Strategic Use of Optometry in Tertiary Care Ophthalmology Practice 

Shah - Rahul
Wilmer Eye Institute Case Study: Impact of New Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration on Surgical Enterprise Operations 

Sheffield - Victoria M
Your Patient - Your Advocate 

Skilton - Andi 
Overcoming barriers to the involvement and participation of deafblind people in clinical research 

Strianese - Diego
Crossing barriers-implementation of an internet based KKESH international education program 

Syvanen - Ulla
Virtual Eye Hospital in the Digital Health Village in Finland 

Teja Singh - Pall
Eye Hospitals involvement in education and training 

Ting - Daniel
Role of AI in Ophthalmology 

van Romunde - Saskia
Progress with the Preceyes Robot in vitreoretinal surgery 

Vermeer - Koen
The Glaucoma AI Screening Rotterdam (GAISR) project - laying the foundation 

Vlasveld-van Dijk - Charlotte
EYE on POE: Surveillance of postoperative endophthalmitis 

Wang - Jifang
Management of Children During and After Chloral Hydrate Sedation in Ophthalmic outpatients: A Best Evidence Implementation Program

Weernink - Alexander
Homemonitoring for glaucoma patients 

Wilson - Mitchell
Patient Enucleation Education Package (PEEP) 

Wong - Desiree
IVT Disposable Sets to Ensure Safety and Quality 

Xi - Suxin
Establishment of perioperative care and management plan for patients undergoing eye day surgery based on the best evidence