Membership fee lowered down

2022-05-16 10:48:37

During the annual meeting the member meeting decided upon a lower membership fee for the members of the WAEH. 

The scheme of 2018 and before
Full members paid € 6.000,-and a 50% reduction in the first 2 years. For this budget the members were allowed to bring 5 participants to the global meeting without charge. Associate members paid 2.000,- and could bring two participants to the global meeting without charge. Fee scheme per January 1 – 2019 
Per January 1 2019 the membership fees will be as follows:

  • Full membership – € 3.000,- 
    A full member can bring one participant for free to the annual meeting.
    The fee for the annual meeting is € 750,- per participant and needs to be paid after online registration. 
  • Associate membership – € 1.500,- 
    An associate member can bring one participant for free to the annual meeting.
    The fee for the annual meeting is € 750,- per participant and needs to be paid after online registration.

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