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WAEH Newsletter 2020 – November 2020

2023-12-04 09:29:36

WAEH Annual Meeting – Phase II
11 & 12 November

Get ready for Phase II of the 14th Annual meeting of the World Association of Eye Hospitals: 11 & 12 November.

Note the Changed Timings! 
Singapore time 06.00pm, Melbourne 09.00pm, Rotterdam 11.00am, UK 10.00am, Ann Arbor 05.00am, Baltimore 05.00am.

From 07.30pm – 09.00pm Singapore time: round tables – meet & greet your international colleagues!! 

11 November | Value Based Healthcare – Improving Quality when Coping with a Growing Patient Demand

Moderators: Mr. Brendon Gardner – CEO – Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia and Mr. Igor Schillevoort – CEO – Rotterdam Eye Hospital. 

Improvement in Action – Specialist Clinics Recovery Approach – COVID-19 Orthoptic Cataract Post Operative Management Model 
Mrs. Tracy Siggins – Director Ambulatory Services – Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

Utilization of COVID-19 comorbidity risk scores to aid in triage of ophthalmology patients
Mr. David Portney – Kellogg Eye Center – USA 

WAEH project Medical Outcomes
Mrs Rachel Bakker, Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute, The Netherlands

Cue cards: Optimising Learning in Clinics and Theatres
Zain Juma, Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK

Orthoptic Cataract Post Operative Management Model
Catherine Mancuso, Manager Diagnostic Eye Services, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Australia

Value Based Care: Leading the Transformation
Mrs. Kristy Davidson, Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute TBC / prerecorded

New Member presentation: New Zealand
Mrs Deb Boyd, CEO, the Auckland Eye Limited Institute – New Zealand

After the plenary session, round tables are taking place. Grab a coffee or a drink (depended on your timezone!) and chat / discuss / brainstorm with your fellow eye-colleagues from all over the world!

Register here for Phase II of the Annual meeting

12 November | Diversity in COVID-19 Pandemic Response, Lessons Learned and The New Normal: Global Perspectives

Moderator: Charity Wai, COO, Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore

Aier Eye Hospital
MS Elaine Zhang, Director of Global Strategy and Business Department and Assistant to Chairman

United Kingdom 
Moorfields Eye Hospital

Mr Declan W. Flanagan, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital, Deputy Director of Research of the Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre and Vice President of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Jakarta Eye Center
Prof Tjahjono D. Gondhowiardjo, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Director, Corporate Development and Education, JEC Eye Hospitals and Clinic, Chairman, Indonesian Eye Bank, Medical Expert Panel for the President of the Republic of Indonesia

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Haftalon Eye Hospital
Mr Rodrigo Sato Hasegawa, CEO

Asian Eye Institute
Mr Alwin Sta. Rosa, Vice-President and COO

Handover Ceremony
David Probert, CEO, Moorfields Eye Hospital, United Kingdom, Chair WAEH
Anders Boman, CEO, St Erik Eye Hospital, Sweden, Incoming Chair WAEH

After the plenary session, round tables are taking place. Grab a coffee or a drink (depended on your timezone) and chat / discuss / brainstorm with your fellow eye-colleagues from all over the world!

Register here for Phase II of the Annual meeting!

Photo’s Annual Meeting 14 & 15 October | Phase 1

The first day of the virtual Annual meeting of the WAEH took place on Wednesday 14 October 2020. Topic: The Hospital of the Future. From AI to Telemedicine to Robotics – From Friction to Disruption. And Thursday 15 October 2020, the second day of the virtual Annual meeting we spoke about Happy Healthy Workplace.

We would love to thank all our speakers and moderators for both days! In the upcoming weeks you will receive your special token of THANK YOU from the WAEH!

Check out the impression of the meetings from 14 & 15 October below. 
All presentations are uploaded on the knowledge hub of the WAEH. This hub is just available to members. If you have lost your password, please contact Maaike:

Rashmi Mathew, Consultant Ophthalmologist from Moorfields presentation about Project Panopia: cost-effective model for glaucoma referral refinement from community optometrists without the need of repeat testing. 

Round tables – chat / discuss / brainstorm with your fellow eye-colleagues from all over the world!

Zoom meeting – Gallery view.

Graphic Report of day 1. Topic: Hospital of the Future.
Made by Rebecca Osborne.

Graphic Report of day 2. Topic: Happy Healthy Workplace.
Made by Rebecca Osborne.

Update WAEH project Medical Outcomes

Project lead: I. Schillevoort, PhD, Executive Board member Rotterdam Eye Hospital  Central project manager: R. Bakker, PhD, Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute

Collecting and analysing outcomes of care as a starting point for the improvement of care is becoming more and more important with the further increase of healthcare costs. Focus on outcomes that matter most to patients will lead to a system in which patients receive more made-to-measure care and improvements of care are directed towards aspects that actually create value. Moreover, healthcare institutions can ultimately use their outcome data to present their delivered value to patients, insurers and government. Currently, there is substantial variation in outcome measures used, or outcome measures are not yet registered at all. In addition, patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are not yet being reported, while they are a valuable supplement to medical outcomes. Thus, there is an obvious need to define and use outcome measures that really matter to patients and which can be implemented to gain insight in the cost-effectiveness of treatments. 

As a leading association of eye care in the world, the WAEH has taken up this endeavor. This project aims for the development of standardized outcomes sets (medical and patient reported) for two indications in the field of ophthalmology. Also, within this project knowledge is gathered on the approach of developing these standardized outcomes sets. This knowledge can be used for the development of other standardized outcome sets in this field. 

Want to know more about this project? Please join November 11 – Rachel will present about the project!

Online Course on Project Management for Eye Care

If you are in the process of writing a project proposal or implementing a project – this course will help you design, plan and execute projects effectively. This course is designed to help you to excel in planning and execution of projects. The course offers appropriate knowledge, tools, attitude and skills necessary for effective execution of projects and programmes.

Target Group
Project Manager / Project Coordinator
Eye Hospital Administrator involved in managing projects

What will you learn?
• Develop a comprehensive knowledge about the various elements of a project
• Estimate the magnitude of eye care needs for a given population
• Develop an execution plan (Manual of operations) detailing the various activities and resource requirements in terms of human resources, materials and money for effective execution of the project
• Prepare cash flow based on the project budget and activities to help timely flow of funds
• Set up an information system for effective monitoring of the project activities and financials
• Design and execute periodic evaluation of the project
• Prepare timely project reports

Eligibility Criteria
• The training is designed for staffs who manage eye care projects.
• Participants need to be nominated either by their own organization or by the funding agency.
• A mandatory prerequisite to attend this course is that participants should have a “real project” at hand – either in the proposal writing stage or in the early phase of implementation. The course will require participants to apply learning in one’s own project.
• As the course will be presented in English, all applicants will be expected to communicate effectively in English.

Course Location
Online Training.
Start Date: 01/12/2020
End Date: 20/12/2020
No of Seats: 20 per batch
Course In-Charge: Mr. V. Vijaya Kumar

Contact Details:
+(91) 452-4356-500

General Information
This course is offered online. Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon completing all modules in this course.

More information? Click on the link below! 

World Sight Day observation report from OrBis

This year’s WSD 2020 global theme is Hope in Sight. In Bangladesh, government translated the theme into Bangla language “Drishti Jure Asha” and observed the WSD 2020 nationwide. The year 2020 was different than other years due to COVID 19 pandemic and all had to plan otherwise to observe the day adapting the new normal situation. 

In view of this, Orbis International, Bangladesh Country Program along with its partner organizations including National Eye Care, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare observed the day at national and local level with great solemnity to draw attention to the challenges ahead for eye health care. 

The day celebrated with alternate programs like, live talk show through online TV, rally involving limited people, essay competition for school students, screening camp at schools and hospitals. 

This year, Orbis International Bangladesh designed and distributed 6,000 posters to partners across the country aiming to widespread the messages on preventing blindness. Other promotional materials were festoon, leaflet, brochure, flyers, stickers, cap and t-shirt. These could aware a large of number of people on cataract, squint, strabismus, retinopathy of prematurity (RoP), refractive error, diabetic retinopathy, avoidable blindness and eye health care for everyone.

Along with virtual programs some different events like folk song, essay competition took place to mark WSD 2020.

A brief report of them are, National Eye Care (NEC), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare organized virtual programs 

At national level, NEC organized virtual discussion, where Health Minister Mr. Zahid Maleque, MP, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare attended as Chief Guest. Nearly 500 participants including all Key stakeholders and key people from ministries attended at this special virtual discussion.

A snapshot of the virtual discussion, where OrBis represented as participants.

Dr. Munir Ahmed, Country Director, Orbis International Bangladesh talked as Special Guest along with other guests at a webinar broadcast by Rehealth TV Ltd. (online health television) on the occasion of World Sight Day organized by Helen Keller International.

Call for Projects!

Each year 2 to 3 projects can be lead by WAEH member eye hospitals to help shape and improve ophthalmic care on a global scale. Each project can be budgeted with a budget of 7.500 euro. This is paid from the fees of the WAEH membership. Via this newsletter we would like to invite you again to share your project ideas. 

Examples of WAEH projects:

  • Developing an information package for patients about enucleation 
  • Medical Outcomes
  • Development of an international procedure of applying eye drops 
  • Improving Efficiency within Intravitreal Injecting Clinics
  • Management of AMD Patients
  • Redefine the patient flow of Glaucoma patients

Want to start a WAEH project? E-mail:

Questions? Share news?

Do you have a special request? Would you like to be (digitally) connected to a certain person in one of our member eye hospitals? Organize a webinar?

Please do not hesitate to contact Maaike van Zuilen:

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