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WAEH Board Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday 7 December
  • Time: 13.00 PM CET
  • Location: Zoom


  • Chair of the WAEH:
    • Cathy Kowalewski, Wilmer Eye Institute – Johns Hopkins Hospital, USA
  • Martin Kuper, Moorfields Eye Hospital, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Nelson, Kellogg Eye Center, USA
  • Dato Kulasegaran, Tun Hussein On National Eye Hospital, Malaysia
  • Yvonne Koppelman, The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Abdulaziz AlRajhi, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyaad
  • Brendon Gardner, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Australia
  • Sten Kjellström, St. Erik Eye Hospital, Stockholm
  • Dr. Tjahjono, Jakarta Eye Center, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Mr. Li Li, Aier Eye Hospital Group, China
  • Charity Wai, Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore
    • Joined by Dr Lim Hou Boon, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Head of Comprehensive Ophthalmology (SNEC) and Jim Gu, COO (SNEC)
  • Rodrigo Hasegawa, Hoftalon Eye Hospital, Brasil
  • Wim Oosterom – external WAEH advisor to the board

Organized by

Maaike van Zuilen, WAEH


Agenda itemContentBy
1. Welcome
Cathy Kowalewski
2. Review WAEH Annual Meeting
  • Reflect on 2022:
  • Looking forward to 2023: Melbourne
    • Possible themes:
      • Sustainability
      • Philantrophy
      • Innovation in Eyecare: robotics
      • Employee retention
    • Call for Abstracts open per January 2023

  • Incoming proposals upcoming years:
    • 2024
      • proposal Aier Eye Hospital Group
      • Years after 2024:
        • Possibility: The Netherlands
        • Possibility: Brasil / South America
    • 2025

  • Sponsoring
    • Genentech
Maaike van Zuilen
3. Member Acquisition
  • Four new members since the annual meeting

  • One application to be reviewed again:
  • New application:
          • It is a regional eye service chain with a major representation in Northeast China and just got listed in the China stock market this year. 

  • Eye hospitals that requested more information:
    • Jeddah Ophthalmology Hospital – Saudi Arabia
    • Instituto Ophthalmologica – Brasil
    • Appointment in January with Ophthalmic Department University Hospital Brussels, Belgium
Maaike van Zuilen
4. Finances
5. WAEH projects
  • Patient Eye Drop Instillation Education Package: shared during the Annual Meeting. The Education Package is officially launched during World Sight Day 2022. All materials can be found on the WAEH Knowledge Hub: go to Hub
    You can share this information with your communication officers to be used in your communication materials.

Structure regarding the WAEH projects

  • The WAEH finances two to three projects per year with 7.500,- euro.

  • Project structure – Per January 1 2023:
      • Round 1 – Deadline 31 January 2023
          • Incoming proposals reviewed by board in February / March board meeting
          • All proposals need to be sent in using the standard WAEH project format
      • Round 2 – Deadline 31 July 2023
          • Incoming proposals reviewed by board in August / September board meeting
          • All proposals need to be sent in using the standard WAEH project format

  • Use the WAEH Project Proposal Format (.DOC)
  • WAEH Project Proposal Format (.PDF)
Maaike van Zuilen
6. Communities of Practice
  • HR community of practice
  • Medical Indicator Set Keratoconus: need to finalize – Would it be possible for the board members connected to this project to check with their team?
    • Proposal is to plan in a finalizing meeting with the group of specialists
  • Medical Indicator Set Primary Retinal Detachment: need to finalize
    • Codebook is ready for review: codebook
    • Proposal is to plan in a finalizing meeting with the group of specialists in January
  • Nurses:
    • Dates:
      • February 9
      • May 11
      • October: Annual Meeting in person meeting – hybrid? Depended on host of annual meeting
      • December 14
    • Set up: programme team
  • Philantrophy
    • CoP 15 December, with presentation by Steve Rum
7. To be reviewed
8. Dates 2023
  • March 30 8am-9am EST
  • June 22 8am-9am EST
  • September 14 8am-9am EST
  • October: Annual Meeting
  • December 14 8am-9am EST
9. Update from members

Based on the Big Data Analysis Report on Myopia Surgery in China Market which released in 2021, we expanded our data base with the joining of Clinica Baviera, AIER Europe. This time, clinical data were collected from 931,071 refractive surgery patients (1.8 million+ eyes) from 5 countries including Mainland China, Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy, within the year of 2018 to 2021.

  1. 2022 China & Europe Big Data Report on Refractive Cataract Surgery

Inspired by the first big data report, AIER continues to realize its potential in better improving the development of ophthalmic industry, this report focuses on 21,324 refractive cataract surgery patients (42,648 eyes) from 5 countries including 21 provincial administrative regions of China, Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria, through the whole year of 2021.

AIER sincerely invites any of our members who might be interested in such clinical report program to join us, by uniting the experience from different institutes and hospitals, we believe we can make some reference about the future trend and will make a big progress in this industry. 

  1. Permanent Charity Center of Clinica Baviera in Africa

Clinica Baviera,representing AIER in Europe, has a rich experience in offering charity surgery for patients in Africa through the project named Stop Ceguera. They has already send doctors to Ethiopia for 2 times within these 2 years, in total they have treated 900+ patients including 47 children.

To better offer blind-preventing treatment to local patients, Fundación Pablo Horstman, Stop Ceguera and Clinica Baviera are currently building a local center at Meki, Oromia region, Ethiopia. It focuses on the treatment and monitoring of general visual problems. The service clinic is intended to be a reference center for the entire Oromia region. In addition, training in ophthalmology will be given to local staff.

The construction is expected to be finished in 6 months, and the cost will be about € 110,000 to € 120,000, three parties have agreed to contribute 60,000 euros among the three of them, and the rest will be completed through donations.

We are willing to join charity program that WAEH members are currently host (for example training the local crew, providing complex cases co-consultation..), and are also open to any new cooperation opportunity based at this center at Meki.