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Farand Laghaei

Sustainability in Dutch health care

In my presentation, I would like to go from a national (Dutch) perspective on sustainability in (ophthalmic) health care to a more local approach on executing the plans within our eye hospital. Furthermore, I would like to show how we are implementing the Green Deal in our hospital, how we are organized, what goes well and what doesn’t.

We face a lot of different challenges, some we can easily tackle and some we don’t. I would like to share some of these challenges at the WAEH.

Key sentences

  • Dutch Health care’s impact on the environment
  • As a result, in 2023 a Green Deal on “Sustainable Healthcare” was developed, co-signed by the Dutch Ophthalmic Society (NOG) and has 5 aims: 1) promoting health, 2) promoting
    awareness and knowledge, 3) reducing C02 emissions from buildings, energy and transport, 4) working in a circular way with raw materials, 5) reducing the environmental impact of (the use of) medication
  • Through co-signing of NOG the Green Deal has the commitment of ophthalmic society in the Netherlands, including our own hospital
  • NOG has developed best practices in order to realize (quick) wins and get institutions motivated
  • At the Rotterdam Eye Hospital we have our own multidiscipline Green Team, that works on reaching the goals by developing and coordinating projects – together with employees in the hospital.