The World Association of Eye Hospitals is a worldwide network of eye hospitals. All member-hospitals are “centres of excellence” in the area of ophthalmology. This means that they are all focused on delivering the highest quality and safest ophthalmic care. The organizations through the WAEH share all kinds of information and knowledge in a very open and transparent way, via teleconferences,  personal meetings and exchanges, one day visits or even one month visits to gain greater insight. Another way of knowledge sharing is done via projects.

Project Groups

  • Member-led groups
  • Collaborate on specific themes from Artificial intelligence to Medical outcomes
  • Network to maximise the impact and reach of sharing knowledge
  • Share knowledge and experience via teleconferences, the WAEH knowledge hub and via the WAEHnewsletter
  • Opportunities for project groups to host round tables during the Annual Meeting

Examples of projects of the WAEH

WAEH 2020 – Medical Outcomes – Phase II – Lead by the Rotterdam Eye Hospital
WAEH 2019 – Medical Outcomes – Lead by the King Khaled Eye Hospital – finished
WAEH 2019 – Developing an Information package about Enuncleation – Lead by the Royal Victorian. Eye and Ear Hospital – finished
WAEH 2018 – Global Review of percentages of postoperative endophthalmitis 
WAEH 2016 / 2017 Improving Efficiency within Intravitreal Injecting Clinics
WAEH 2015 – Medical Outcomes – finished

And many more in previous years     

Each year 2 to 3 projects are executed to improve ophthalmic care on a global scale. Each project is budgeted from the general WAEH budget.
Insights resulting from the projects are shared within the wider global community of eyehospitals and on the WAEH knowledge hub.

Mapping standard ophthalmic outcome sets to metrics currently reported in eight eye hospitals

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