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Georgia Hall

Ambassador to the Victoria Cohen Eye Cancer Charitable Trust – Australasia

Georgia Hall was diagnosed and treated for choroidal melanoma in 2021 at Sydney Eye Hospital when she was 31 years old. She successfully received eye sparing plaque radiation therapy and now follows a rigorous scanning protocol at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre. Georgia is passionate about sharing her experiences to help raise awareness around eye cancers. In 2022 she became the Australasian Ambassador to the Victoria Cohen Eye Cancer Charitable Trust. The charity is a strategic partner of the World Association of Eye Hospitals and awards scholarships to aspiring ocular oncologists to support their training and educational needs for their fellowship. Further information can be found a

Georgia works as a sustainability research analyst for an investment firm and lives in Sydney.

Key sentences

  • Fundraising opportunities
  • More hospitals and practitioners to promote the scholarship through their networks/channels
  • More eye hospitals to offer ocular oncology fellowship in partnership with the VCECCT
  • Opportunities for cross promotion and strategic partnerships
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