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Megan Ward

Grateful Patient Fundraising – Working with Clinicians & Staff

Learning Objectives:
Understand the roles of clinicians: academic medical faculty, community physicians and staff in a medical setting related to philanthropy;

Establish, cultivate and manage relationships with clinicians and staff around grateful patient fundraising, and; Deploy best practices for engaging clinicians and staff in grateful patient fundraising. In summary, successful fundraising results from a true partnership that is created between the clinician / staff and a professional development officer.

We will present a case study with Dr. Mandeep Singh from Wilmer who is attending WAEH. I also hope to have time to review published papers on Grateful Patient Fundraising and the mostsuccessful strategies between development officers and clinicians.

Key sentences

  • Defining the role of the development officer and review essential components of a one-on-one partnership
  • How to identify clinicians willing to work with development, and how to set the initial meeting
  • Prepare for the initial meeting- what happens during the meeting and how to evaluate the success of your meeting
  • How to build trust and formulate a strategy for identifying grateful patients and making the eventual ask for support.
  • Continue to build and enrich your partnership with clinicians-
    ‘steward’ this relationship like you would a donor.