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Tendai Gwenhure

Tendai is an academic, a clinician and a researcher. In her academic role, she is the programme director at UCL Institute of Ophthalmology where she has been leading on the Clinical Ophthalmic Practice programme for nurses since 2019. Clinically, she has worked at Moorfields Eye Hospital as an ophthalmic emergency nurse practitioner since 2005. She is a currently in her final year of a doctorate programme at Middlesex University, London, UK. Her research interests are around workforce development, particularly focusing on education and training.

She has presented at national and international conferences and has significant journal publication. Outside the confines of the ophthalmic institution, Tendai is involved in several initiatives and research projects. One of the initiatives that she has recently co-led was the “Eye Envoys” project. This was training programme for non-ophthalmic community health care staff to empower and enable them to provide better care for people with eye problems in care homes. This has gained traction nationally and has been nominated for an award. She is a steering committee member on several ophthalmic forums, including, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Ophthalmic Forum, the Association of Nurses and Technician (AONT), and NHS England Ophthalmic Nursing Curriculum Framework committee. She is also involved in mentoring and coaching schemes to support and nurture tomorrow’s experts for a sustainable workforce.