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WAEH Board meeting
20 September 2018

  • Thursday September 20 – 2018
  • Time: Ann Arbor time 08.00 AM
  • Teleconference
  • Open to: board members of the WAEH & invitees by the board


  • David Probert, Moorfields Eye Hospital, chair of the WAEH
  • Charity Wai, Singapore National Eye Centre, immediate past chair of the WAEH
  • Anders Boman, Sankt Erik Eye Hospital
  • Cathy Kowalewski, Wilmer Eye Institute – Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Dato Kulasegaran, Tun Hussein On National Eye Hospital
  • Mark Petty, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
  • Sirithorn Rutnin, Rutnin Eye Hospital
  • Dr. Nelson, Kellogg Eye Center, USA, invited board member
  • Wim Oosterom – external WAEH advisor to the board

Not attending

  • Nico Klay, The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, treasurer of the WAEH
    • New: Ron Treffers, new CEO Rotterdam Eye Hospital

Organized by

  • Maaike van Zuilen, WAEH


Agenda itemContent

Nico Klay, The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, treasurer of the WAEH, has stopped working for the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. Mr. Ron Treffers is currently the new CEO of Rotterdam. Wim and Maaike spoke with mr. Treffers and he is very positive regards the WAEH and sends his apology for not being able to attend the meeting yet. He will send Koen Vermeer, director of the Research Institute to the meeting in Dubai.  

WAEH 2019 meeting
  1. Review programme and social programme
    • Eye Care & Digital Revolution
    • The Patient Voice
    • Different models of Eye Care
    • How to improve safety and quality in eye hospitals worldwide?

    On Wednesday morning June 5 a special meeting about “Philanthropy & Fundraising: what can we learn from other industries and from each other?” will be organized. 

  2. Key note speakers
    – Jeremy Farrar – Director of the Welcome Trust
    – Deepmind
    – Professor Sir Peng Khaw

  3. Dates: 
    • Wednesday June 5 – 
      • The end of Ramadam, Eid-al-Filtr, in 2019 falls on 5 June and that it is a major holiday for Muslims
    • Thursday June 6
    • Friday June 7
    • Saturday June 8 
    • Sunday 9: travel to other locations
    • Monday / Tuesday: extra visits  
  4. Extra: fundraising meeting on Wednesday morning June 5 – proposal of the Philantrophy working group
  5. Review budget
  6. Review Location 2 & 3 – Programme
Board composition
Programme Dubai


  1. Projects:
    1. Review Proposals Projects WAEH
    2. Review outcomes project expensive medicine
    3. Review process / timeline for projects etc.
  2. Chapter / ASEAN – WAEH
  3. WAEH new member acquisition
  4. WAEH Board:
    1. Board composition
    2. Choice of a new vice chairman WAEH
  5. Location Annual Meeting 2023 – Switzerland
  6. Invitees:
    1. Aravind – Thulsi & Ravi
Membership update
To be reviewed
Wrap up