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WAEH meeting Dubai
4 November 2018

  • Date: Sunday November 4
  • Location: Moorfields Dubai
  • Time: 09.00 – 18.00


  • 09.00 AM – 12.30 PM – Board meeting WAEH 
  • 12.30 PM – Tour Moorfields Dubai
  • 13.00 PM –  Lunch at Circle
  • 14.00 PM – Meeting with Magrabi Eye Hospital 
  • 15.00 PM – 17.30 PM – Board meeting WAEH
  • 17.30 PM – Pick up from Moorfields Dubai to go to the Hotel 
  • 18.30 PM – Pick up from Hotel to go to Dinner location
  • 21.30 PM – Pick up from Dinner location to go to the Hotel 


Agenda itemContent
  • Review proposals project expensive medicine

  • Review Proposals Projects WAEH

  • The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

  • Project ideas

    From Moorfields: 

    • What is the ideal clinical design and layout for clinic efficiency and optimisation (speciality based)
    • What are the5 (or so) key steps required to reduce infection rates rates in IV Injections
    • What are the 5 key steps to avoid wrong IOL insertion
    • What is the best method  and approach to provide high throughput cataract surgeon.

    From Kellogg: 

    • How to keep the team engaged with the OR time out before each procedure. 
    • What is the best pattern to allow for clinic education /training but not loss of clinic efficiency. 
    • How do we find the best, efficient, safe programs in the world to learn from them as new members of WAEH
  • Wilmer Eye Hospital – Johns Hopkins

    • Creative block time/OR utilization management
    • Strategies that are effective for decreasing OR turnover times
    • Optimal OR/Preop/PACU nursing ratios/using other skill mixes
    • Optimal clinic design to maximize flow/decreasing steps for patients and providers and pt wait times
    • Ways to impact provider change to drive improvements patient satisfaction
    • Trauma data comparisons worldwide
  • Melbourne:

    Develop a business plan to develop an information package for enucleation.

    In 2017/18 approximately 130 patients had an enucleation at the Eye Ear Hospital Melbourne. Although a small number compared to the overall surgeries performed, enucleation and the associated vision loss, is a procedure that can have significant psychological and physical impacts for patients. (McLean 2011, Moschos 2014).

    Feedback from patients and carers admitted to the Short Stay Care Centre has revealed that many patients feel that relevant and clear information provided to them about enucleation before surgery is limited and difficult to find. The Nurse Unit Manager of this department has a prosthetic eye and often spends time with patients prior to surgery answering their questions which are largely around the procedure, management of the prosthetic (removal and insertion) and the impact on activities such as sport and driving.

    It would be of benefit to patients and the Eye and Ear to conduct a survey and a focus group of patients who have had an enucleation to identify information patients feel would be of value before surgery. This information could then be used to develop an information pack of relevance for patients using both video media and print media. This information could be made available on the hospitals website and therefore be available to other eye hospitals and health organisations locally and internationally.

    Currently the Nurse Unit Manager of the Short Stay care Unit is working with staff from Marketing and Public Relations to develop a business plan to develop an information package for enucleation.

  • Melbourne: Cataract and Refractive Database (CARD) Program

    Project Name: RVEEH SOSCARD

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WAEH annual meeting

Update London 2019 

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  • Call for abstracts 
  • Call for projects
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