The World Association of Eye Hospitals is a world wide network of eye hospitals. All member-hospitals are "centres of excellence" in the area of ophthalmology. This means that they are all focused on delivering the best and most safe ophthalmic care. They share all kinds of information and knowledge in a very open and transparant way, via for example projects. Some examples:

  • Management of AMD Patients
  • Develop international procedure of applying eye drops
  • Operating Theatre Staff and Competencies
  • Best practice pathway for Glaucoma patients
  • Redefine the patient flow of Glaucoma patients
  • Global teaching program for Glaucoma departments
  • The new BSC the way forward
  • Medical Outcomes – ICHOM
  • Eyecard Safety Game
  • Innovative technology to improve patient experience

Each year 2 to 3 projects can be proposed by the members. Each project receives a certain budget to execute the project. This is paid from the fees of the WAEH membership.
All outcomes are communicated via the knowledge hub of the WAEH. This hub is available online for our members.