During the annual meetings members have the opportunity to collaborate and exchange information and knowledge about all kinds of topics. Good examples of this include improving the efficiency in the service given to patients and continuous development of patient pathways.

Since the establishment of the WAEH in 2007 in Rotterdam, the WAEH has had the opportunity to visit eyehospitals in Rotterdam and Leuven (2007), Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur (annual meeting 2008), Sweden, Finland and Estonia (annual meeting 2009), Melbourne and Jakarta (annual meeting 2010), in London and Leuven (annual meeting 2011), Seoul and Bangkok (2012), Mexico (2013), India and Dubai (2014), Singapore (2015), Rotterdam (2016), the 11thannual meeting was hosted by the Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital in China (2017), the 12th by the Kellogg Eye Center from Ann Arbor, USA and the 13th annual meeting in London (2019). In 2020 and 2021 we had a fully digital event due to Corona.

In 2022 the meeting was hosted by the Wilmer Eye Institute Johns Hopkins.

And on October 10th – October 16th 2023 the 17th Annual WAEH Meeting will be hosted by the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Institute from Melbourne, Australia, the Sydney Eye Hospital from Sydney and the Chatswood Private Hospital from Sydney.

WAEH 17th Annual Meeting Themes

Quality and safety in eye care

Abstracts 2023

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Submission deadline: 30 June 2023

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The WAEH is accepting a maximum of five sponsoring companies. 

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Full members: two attendees are included in the WAEH membership
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Media enquiries

Our communications team manages all media enquiries and requests for filming and photography of the upcoming 2023 meeting.  

We can:

  • Help you find experts for a wide range of eye diseases and eye health issues from all over the world 
  • Oversee filming and photography during the 2023 meeting
  • Provide the latest news about the WAEH 

We are keen to promote the work being carried out by all our member eye hospitals in the media. 

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Phone: + 31 6 456 32 117 
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