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Report 11th annual meeting WAEH – CHINA


Thank you!

On behalf of the board of the WAEH, A BIG THANKS to each and every one of you for your valuable contributions and energetic support that made the 11th annual meeting a great success!!

All of you have provided high quality presentations, and many thanks for sharing all your knowledge and experience so transparently. We can learn a lot from each other as we all face similar challenges!

From now on David Probert, CEO of the Moorfields Eye Hospital will be the chair of our association. Also a BIG THANK YOU to Charity Wai, for her valuable contributions as our chair in the last three years!!! Without you, the WAEH would not have been what it currently is!

Please save the dates for our upcoming meeting in 2018: 6 – 9 June 2018 at Kellogg Eye Center in the US! You can already register: REGISTER. After the annual meeting we will probably add a facultative visit to one of our other US members, so please extend you stay in the US a bit! We will let you know as soon as possible. Are you going to the AAO meeting in November this year, please take aan extra day, the WAEH will probably organize a small meeting next to it!

See you soon again!


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We have uploaded a whole bunch of presentations and pictures for you!


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sol innovation award 2017 china

Sol Innovation Award 2017

The Eye & Ear Hospital of the Fudan University in Shanghai, full member of the WAEH, won the 2017 Sol innovation Award.

On the picture: Xi Shuxin, Director Nursing Care Department, Eye & Ear Hospital of the Fudan University from Shanghai.


Many thanks to our host
The Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital


Wednesday June 14

waeh wednesday june 14

Thursday June 15

waeh thursday june 15

Friday June 16

waeh friday june 16

Saturday June 17

waeh saterday june 17

Many thanks to our host in Shanghai:
Eye & Ent Hospital from Fudan University