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Li Li

Aier Eye Hospital Group: Rising from Integration and Collaboration

2023 marks the 21st anniversary for the estabilishment of Aier Eye Hosptial Group. Based on the orginal
intention of ‘commit to the cause of human eye health with love’ and the principle of ‘integrate various
resources to share the global ophthalmic wisdom’, Aier has gradually developed from one single eye care hospital in China to the world’s lagest eye hospital group over the last 21 years. In the future, Aier will forge ahead with the strategy of ‘Global Vision for your Vision’ to build a strong partnership with top ophthalmologists and institutions. By focusing on the development of cutting-edge technologies and clinical innovations, Aier aim to promote the application of research achievements to empower diagnosis and treatment, education and training, academic research and etc. at home and abroad.(Speech for approximately 30 minutes)

Key sentences

  • Brief introduction to Aier
  • Key outcomes that Aier has achieved
  • Three Strategic Goals
  • Ecosystems
  • Innovations