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Linda Fagan

Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation-philanthropy in promotion of eye

How Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation future-proofed its own capacity and is partnering with the first hospital established in Australia, NSW’s world- class Sydney Eye Hospital, identifying opportunities, engaging community and thanks to donors – delivering for the institution and its patients. In 2020 the Foundation Board decided its fundraising needed a new, more dynamic, more visible marketing approach.

First step was to increase capacity by building support, expanding the fundraising programs from two to six, increase the quality and sell of its communications and develop an offer to attract high net value and engage via events. For the fundraising team, it was also a unique opportunity to form a partnership with not only donors but 1 the hospital board, executive, staff, volunteers and patients—a partnership fundamental to reaching the New South Wales community with this message and vision for the future… As the first So the best.

Key sentences

  • Unique opportunity to work together in partnership with community, hospital and foundation
  • Building capacity to ensure you can meet consumer expectations to achieve results
  • How can we help?
  • Aligning patient needs and expectations with hospital priorities to engage donors.
  • Our vision for the future