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Tianjiao Zhan

Group based medical quality and safety control

Located in a large developing country, facing the problem of large number of grassroots eye diseases and limited resources, Aier has been continuously seeking for a successful way of eye health network management through its group based medical quality and safety control mechanism in mainland China.

  • 1.The lifeline philosophy of Aier’s medical quality control
  • The blindness prevention and eye care services at grassroots
  • Medical quality and patient safety control under the network: A management organizational structure centered around provinces and regions, with KPIs, adverse events, quality tracking, and clinical pathway standards as major methods and the training of clinical competency of doctors and nursing team as the driving force.
  • An open and win-win professional training platform of Aier: the newly established Aier International Clinical Training Center (AICTC), the experience of domestic and international training programs, and future training schemes to assist global ophthalmic talents development.

Key sentences

  • Group based management
  • lifeline value
  • eye care services at grassroots
  • province-centered quality control
  • training platform