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Yu Ling Elizabeth Phua

Operating Theatre Game-based Pre-training in enhancing learning experience, knowledge and self-efficacy scores for novice nurses

Learning curve of novice nurses in the operating theatre are steep and nurses usually go through extensive training to be a competent peri-operative nurse. Innovation by incorporating serious gaming into learning will allow nurses to access virtual simulation at their own time. Experiential Learning Cycle Theory (Kolb, 1984) consisting of 4 stages was used to design and measure the study’s outcome.

Serious game was created customizing as close to the OT setting and specific to cataract surgery as the main scenario in this game-based pre-training. The game was incorporated into novice nurses’ pre-orientation training allowing nurses to play multiple times to familiarize with the learning objectives set into the game. It is playable in mobile devices and computer.

Questionnaires were used to measure the nurse’s knowledge, self-efficacy and satisfaction before and
after playing the serious game.

With the significant increase in knowledge score before actual clinical postings, it proved that novice
nurses can acquired the learning objectives from the game itself with enhanced satisfaction in using
game-based method in their pre-training and improved perceived self-efficacy during their clinical posting.

Key sentences