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Danielle Morgan

I-SHARE: Information sharing to enhance the patient experience

Survey data collected in 2020 & 2023 revealed patients did not feel well-informed about services prior to
appointments at the Eye Outpatients Department (EYEOPD). 50% of patients reported that they had never received supporting information about their eye condition and expressed interest in receiving this
information in a digital format. To address these concerns, a 12-month pilot of ‘GoShare’ was launched in
July 2023 to improve information sharing.

Phase 1a: A pre-arrival bundle of service information was sent to patients via SMS prior to appointments.
The Acute Ophthalmology Clinic (AOS) Clinic was targeted as it is predominantly comprised of new
patients to the EYEOPD service.
Phase 1b: A post-visit survey was delivered via SMS to evaluate the usefulness of pre-arrival information
and to assess the overall patient experience.
Phase 2: A clinical content library of eye health resources was created on the GoShare platform to
facilitate patient education by sharing clinical resources via SMS and email. This content library is
accessible to all staff across all EYEOPD clinics.
The initial phase of our ‘GoShare’ pilot program yielded promising results, with a high percentage of
patients finding the pre-arrival information helpful with positive patient experiences noticed.

Key sentences

  • A 12 month pilot of GoShare has commenced in SSEH EYEOPD to improve patient experience and promote information sharing and patient education
  • A pre-arrival bundle of information is sent to patients via SMS in the AOS clinic
  • A post arrival patient experience survey is sent after patient visits which assesses experience across the patient journey, perception of healthcare rights and wait times.
  • An ophthalmology clinical content library of over 160 multimedia resources was created to support patient education. Staff education of the platform continues.
  • The project has yielded great results across information sharing and patient experience. Next steps will target uptake of the GoShare clinical content library by clinical staff.