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Joanna McCulloch

Cataract Patient reported outcome measures (PROMS): Catquest, Priquest or CatPROM

The Sydney Eye Hospital is a quaternary referral unit for eye diseases located in the central business district of Sydney, Australia. On average, Sydney Eye Hospital currently performs over 295 cataract operations per month, with approximately 3,540 episodes of care annually.

Within the current cataract service pathway at Sydney Eye Hospital, the completion of the Catquest-9SF questionnaire is recommended prior to undergoing surgery. However, there is no systematic collection and monitoring of patient-reported outcome measures using the Catquest-9SF questionnaire. Therefore, there is a need to develop a method of systematic monitoring and exploring the performance of a visual disability questionnaire within an Australian cataract population with the aim to incorporate the questionnaire into routine cataract screening and assessment.

Key sentences

  • Assess the feasibility and pilot the use of PROM within a public cataract service pathway
  • Investigation whether pre operative PROM scores predict improvements in subjective outcomes
  • Assess whether clinicians integrate the results from the PROM into their clinical decision making
  • Assess the appropriate timing of the PROM into the patient cataract journey
  • Trial 3 different cataract visual function PROMS