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Board meeting agenda

  • Thursday 6 May 2021
  • Time: 14.00 CET, Stockholm time
  • Location: via Zoom


  • Anders Boman, St. Erik Eye Hospital, Stockholm, chair of the WAEH,
  • David Probert, Moorfields Eye Hospital, United Kingdom, immediate past chair of the WAEH
  • Nelson, Kellogg Eye Center, USA
  • Charity Wai, Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore
  • Cathy Kowalewski, Wilmer Eye Institute – Johns Hopkins Hospital, USA
  • Brendon Gardner, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Australia
  • Rodrigo Hasegawa, Hoftalon Eye Hospital, Brasil
  • Dato Kulasegaran, Tun Hussein On National Eye Hospital, Malaysia
  • Wim Oosterom – external WAEH advisor to the board
  • Maaike van Zuilen, WAEH

Not able to attend

  • Igor Schillevoort, The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, The Netherlands


Agenda itemByContent
Anders Boman
Request from WAEH members
  • WAEH participation in Conference of the Fyodorov Eye Hospital / Russia
    • The theme is quite general “Innovative approaches in eye surgery: cornea, lens, retina”
    • Three eyehospitals are invited to send in a short video
    • MVZ will check the programme a bit further if it is medical research or hospital management related
    • Orenburg branch of S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution will hold the 32nd annual conference “Orenburg Conference of Ophthalmologists” on September 3, 2021 and prof. Alexander Chuprov would like to invite WAEH members to present a video of an interesting eye operation with comments of a surgeon. 
    • 1-3 reported video presentations from WAEH members 
  • WAEH participation in Conference of Clinica Pasteur / Chili
September Annual Meeting


    • Title of the meeting
      2021 – Looking far and beyond – Learning from other industries and from our peers

    • Themes of the meeting
  1. The Eye Hospital of the Future
  • Background philosophy
  • Adaptability to new challenges and technical development
  • Designing new eyehospitals
  • The building process – To move a new hospital building – lessons learned
  1. Collaborations between industry, academia and health care – Triple Helix

  2. The Eye Care of the Future – Trends and Outlooks
  • Telemedicine
  • Self-monitoring
  • AI – screening
  • Digitalization
    • Questionnaire
      A short questionnaire has been sent to the members to check their attendance to the annual meeting / themes board / add your own theme/more ideas
  • Outcomes of the questionnaire
    • Question 1 – September this year we hope to see you all again in person. Are you planning to attend the meeting in person?
      • Yes – 7
      • No – 6
      • Don’t know yet – 14
      • How many people did not answer
    • Question 2: If you are planning to come over to Stockholm, how many people from your hospital are you bringing with you?
      • 7 people answered: 1
      • 7 people answered: 2
      • 1 people answered: 3
      • 2 people answered: 6
    • Question 3: suggestions for extra themes:
      • Breaking the traditional lines of care modules
      • Recovery’ approaches from the pandemic experience – what do we do differently now than pre 2020; how has the workforce been impacted and how is this being approached.
      • New ways of delivering care remotely. There is an immediate need for formal research to validate the safety and efficacy of these new methods of delivering healthcare remotely etc if unsafe practices are to be avoided. In addition such evidence based research would reluctant individuals and governments to change the way care is delivered.
      • Cost effective eye care delivery systems, especially for the developing world
      • Improving Pre-procedure patient education
  • Anders, Patrick and Maaike meet every three weeks to programme the September meeting in detail
  • Sponsoring
    • The sponsor packages 2021 have been developed
    • Anders and Patrik met several local potential sponsors:
      • MVZ will make appointments for Anders and Maaike with the global counterparts
      • Send letter – chair of the board – MVZ
    • List of potential sponsors: review document
    • Next step: contact shortlist of the most essential of these sponsors to start to establish long term relations with these – MVZ
  • Format
    • Hybrid meeting; broadcasting two hours in mid day
    • Time zones – From San Francisco to New Zealand
      • Time zone 1
      • Time zone 2
    • Round tables / session with presentations
Meet the Chair Talk
Maaike van Zuilen
Member acquisition
Maaike van Zuilen
  • The three new members have been introduced to the WAEH
    • Department of Ophthalmology, Zurich, Switzerland
    • University Eye Clinic – Maastricht, The Netherlands
    • Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary, Chicago, USA

  • Overall list of potential members of last years
  • Request from Teclaser group from Brasil
    • Maaike and Rodrigo had a conversation via email about this association
Wim Oosterom
Board composition
Wim Oosterom
  • Vacancies suggestions:
    • A questionnaire with the request to send in proposals has been sent to all members

    • The following suggestions for people or hospitals have been sent in:
      • CMO, Aier, China
      • Brig Gen AKM Akhtaruzzaman, ndc, psc (Retd) Ispahani – Islamia Eye Institute & Hospital – Bangladesh
      • Santiago Venegas Días CEO Clínica Pasteur, Chili – associate member
      • Saudi Arabia
      • Rick Seefeldt, UCSF – SF, USA
      • Dr Elsie Chan, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Australia
      • Carroll Webers University Eye Clinic Maastricht
      • Lausanne – Dr Klump – Switzerland

    • Suggestions coming from the questionnaire:
      • Private hospital representation [Question to board: include in application form? Include in the knowledge hub what kind of eyehospital it is / how large etc.. ]
      • Board members should only be from hospitals who are current financial members of WAEH. Potential consideration should be given to identifying under represented areas/regions of the world – and consideration should also be given to Board members being hospital Executives as opposed to restricting access to CEO, CMO and CFO – other Executives can also make valuable contributions.
      • Chief Nurse or Chief Technician or Chief Clinical Information Officer [CCIO] -we are an extremely imaging intensive and IT / AI driven specialty. All UK hospitals have to have a CCIO. The WAEH Board needs one on it. Director of Research. There should be one on WAEH Board
      • Regional basis.

    • Nominee committee will review in May (Anders, David, Charity)

  • Re-election 2021 – Rotterdam Eye, Wilmer Eye, SNEC
Update action points
  • Start Communities of Practice:
    • Designing Eye Hospitals – starting in the month of May
    • Robotics – starting in the month end of May
    • Medical Outcomes – starting in the month end of May
    • Communications – Next meeting Mid May

  • Policy regarding data – published on the knowledge hub and sent to members

  • Monthly Webinars – Planned till end of year:

  • WAEH agenda on website updated with board meetings, webinars, also webinars organized by members

  • The new knowledge hub is online
    • All intro’s of the eyehospitals are updated – please check your own – or connect Maaike to your communications department
    • login information sent to members via email and via newsletter
      • Click here to go to The Knowledge Hub
      • Username: Allmembers
        Password: M3mb3rs!

    • Newsletter – sent monthly or more often depended on the need

    • Socials: published weekly via twitter / Instagram and linkedin

To be reviewed
Dates 2021
  • Board meeting dates of the board meetings in 2021:

    • February:
      • Tuesday 16 February 13.00 CET
    • May:
      • Thursday 6 May 14.00 CET
    • June
      • Tuesday 22 June 14.00 CET
    • September:
      • 5 – 9 September – during the annual meeting
    • December
      • Tuesday 7 December 13.00 CET