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  • Thursday 20 February 2020

  • Thursday 20 February 2020
  • Time: 12.00 UK time
  • Open to board members of the WAEH & invitees by the board
  • Teleconference


  • David Probert, Moorfields Eye Hospital, chair of the WAEH
  • Charity Wai, Singapore National Eye Centre, immediate past chair of the WAEH
  • Anders Boman, Sankt Erik Eye Hospital
  • Cathy Kowalewski, Wilmer Eye Institute – Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Pall Singh, Tun Hussein On National Eye Hospital
  • Nelson, Kellogg Eye Center, USA, board member
  • Rodrigo Hasegawa, Hoftalon Eye Hospital, Brasil
  • Brendon Gardner, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
  • Igor Schillevoort, The Rotterdam Eye Hospital
  • Wim Oosterom – external WAEH advisor to the board
  • Dato Kulasegaran, Thoneh

Organized by

  • Maaike van Zuilen, WAEH


Agenda itemContent
David Probert

New board members
Pall Singh, Tun Hussein On National Eye Hospital
Igor Schillevoort, The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

New website online:

New members
– Orenburg – invited for WAEH2020 meeting
– Auckland – invited for WAEH2020 meeting

Review Requirements full members
Wim Oosterom

Dubai June 2 2012 – The original text is :5000 surgical procedures (including intra-vitreal injections). Do we need to redefine what is meantwith surgical procedures ? What about laser treatment, should that be included in the count? In Rotterdam: laser treatment (for example, in glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy) is not considered surgery. But this may be different in other parts of the world.

Review projects
Maaike van Zuilen
WAEH 2020 meeting
Maaike van Zuilen / Charity Wai
  • The Hospital of the Future – From AI to Telemedicine to Robotics – From Friction to Disruption
  • Value Based Healthcare – Improving Quality when Coping with a Growing Patient Demand
  • Designing Eye Hospitals for the Future – Do we still need buildings?
  • Happy Healthy Workplace – Hiring and Retaining People / Physician burnout
  • Different models of Eye Care – From Satellites to Community Outreach
  • THE Patient Voice – How to include the Patient Voice in your eye hospital – learn from the best!
      • For every topic we need one excellent keynote – can also be someone from outside healthcare
      • Member presentations via Call for abstracts (open via eventwebsite)
    • Memorandum of Understanding – IAPB
      • Shared meetings / shared round tables in October 2020
      • Sign MOU in October 2020?
    • Structure of the meeting with First round table to be announced
    • Sponsoring
    • Make budget overview – SNEC
    • Set up meetings
      • Monthly calls – Singapore / Malaysia
      • Meet after coronavirus slows down (expected end of March)
      • Hotel suggestions : Dorsett
    • Communications / social media messages
      • Invitation: end of February first invitation via newsletter
      • Every two weeks via social
      • Every month via newsletter
Wim Oosterom
To be reviewed
  1. Board meeting minutes December 2019
  2. Decisions and action points
Wrap up
  • Next board meetings in 2020
    • June board meeting – 4 June – 13.00 UK time
    • September board meeting 25 September – 13.00 UK time
    • October board meeting during 13 -17 October – Singapore / Malaysia
    • December board meeting 7 December – 12.00 UK time