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WAEH Board meeting
December 2014

  • Wednesday December 10 – board meeting
  • Time: 08.30 AM UK time  
  • Teleconference
  • Open to: board members of the WAEH


  • Kees Sol, Rotterdam Eye Hospital, chairman of the WAEH
  • John Pelly, Moorfields Eye Hospital, treasurer of the WAEH
  • Charity Wai, SNEC, secretary of the WAEH and incoming chairman of the WAEH
  • Anders Boman, Sankt Erik Eye Hospital
  • Siritorn Rutnin, Rutnin Eye Hospital
  • Ann Clarke, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
  • Veera Ramani, Tun Hussein On National Eye Hospital
  • Werner Spileers, The Department of Ophthalmology of the University Hospital Leuven
  • Wim Oosterom – external WAEH advisor to the board

Organized by

  • Maaike van Zuilen, WAEH


Agenda itemByContent
Kees Sol
Financials 2014
Wim Oosterom

WAEH – meeting – 2015
Charity Wai
  • Call 4 Abstracts – please send in your abstracts before January 15
  • Registration form to be sent Mid December
  • Possible sponsorship
Acquisition for new members
Kees Sol
  • Brainstorm about membership possibilities / Wim Oosterom
  • Potential new members via board members / Maaike van Zuilen
  • New possible members / Kees Sol
    • Metta Eye Hospital – Dr. Puwat – Via Charity
    • AAEECE members – Via Anders
    • West of England Eye Unit – Hirut van Lany – Via John
    • Hôpital Lariboisière – Paris – France – Via Peter/Leuven
    • Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center / Sun Yat-Sen University Hospital, Guangzhou, China – Via John

Interested eye hospitals – information to be send

    • Instituto Oftalmologica – Mexico-City, Mexico  – Via IFA –
      • The chairman is Enrique Graue who is also the president of the next WOC congress in Mexico City. The eye hospital has a very high international standard and they are open for international activities. The hospital is implementing ifa in the entire clinic and they are in the initial customization process. The going live phase will be also beginning of 2015 (ifa project manager Robert Habel).
    • Peking University People’s Hospital – Peking, China – via IFA
      • Prof. Li is the chair of the PKUPH eye clinic and they are using the ifa system since a couple of months. PKUPH is a very famous eye hospital in China and as far as we know there are also connections with SNEC in Singapore (ifa project manager Claudia Wente-Waedlich).

Other eye hospitals mentioned by IFA:

    • Eye clinic in Puerto Rico – – Via IFA
    • The University of Oklahoma eye clinic (Dean Mc Gee Eye Institute)
    • The University of Tennessee
    • The MAYO Eye Clinic Jacksonville
    • The OMNI Eye Clinic in Denver/Colorado
    • The Magrabi Group, Saudi Arabia:

Potential associate members

Other interested hospitals

    • Prof. Dr. ZHANG Jin-Song, Via Kusters / Via Marion Heres:
      • The Asian Development Assistance Board, ADAB, is involved in the establishment of an Ophthalmic Hospital cum Retinal Stem-Cell & Lens Research Centre in China. This new facility, replacing an old one, is affiliated with the Chinese Medical University in China¹s north-eastern Liaoning Province. Its President and Chief-Surgeon, Prof. Dr. Zhang Jin-Song, has requested us to explore possibilities to collaborate/cooperate with your excellent Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam and, where appropriate, to exchange research info with your well-known Dutch ophthalmic institution.
    • Sidra Medical & Research Center, Doha – Via Charity
    • TecLaser – Brasil – Via Charity
To be reviewed
Kees Sol
Any other points
Dates for 2015

The proposed dates for WAEH Board Meetings in 2015 are as follows:

  1. Board meeting I –  (Tues, 3 Feb 2015); (Monday 9 Feb 2015),  (Tues, 10 Feb 2015)
  2. Board meeting II – (Mon, 27 Apr 2015); (Wed, 29 Apr 2015); (Tues, 5 May 2015)
  3. Board meeting III – during annual meeting: so no dates needed
  4. Board meeting IV – (Wed, 2 Sep 2015); (Thurs, 3 Sep 2015); (Wed, 9 Sep 2015)
  5. Extra topic meeting – 8 October + October 9: World Sight Day – two days somewhere in the world 
    – Please keep in mind the needed travel time
  6. Board meeting V – (Wednesday, 2 Dec 2015); (Fri, 4 Dec 2015); (Mon, 7 Dec 2015)

Wrap up