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WAEH Board meeting
June 6 – 2018

  • Wednesday June 6 – 2018
  • Time: 10.00 AM – Ann Arbor
  • Kellogg Eye Center
  • Open to: board members of the WAEH & invitees by the board
  • Pick up at 09.15 from The Graduate to walk to the Kellogg Eye Center: a 20 minute walk
  • Taxi: can be arranged via the reception of The Graduate
  • Room: Kellogg Eye Center (KEC) – Room 610


  • David Probert, Moorfields Eye Hospital, chair of the WAEH
  • Nico Klay, The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, treasurer of the WAEH
  • Charity Wai, Singapore National Eye Centre, immediate past chair of the WAEH
  • Anders Boman, Sankt Erik Eye Hospital
  • Cathy Kowalewski, Wilmer Eye Institute – Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Dato Kulasegaran, Tun Hussein On National Eye Hospital
  • Mark Petty, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
  • Dr. Nelson, Kellogg Eye Center, USA, invited board member
  • Dr. Paul Lee, Kellogg Eye Center, USA, invited board member
  • Dr. Bu Shaochong, Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital, China, invited board member
  • Wim Oosterom – external WAEH advisor to the board, invited board member

Not attending

  • Sirithorn Rutnin, Rutnin Eye Hospital
  • Prof. Li Xiao Rong, Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital, China

Organized by

  • Maaike van Zuilen, WAEH


Agenda itemContent
Potential member attending the meeting
  • Cincinnati Eye Institute

    Prof Karl Golnik, MD, MEd
    Chair, Department of Ophthalmology, Cincinnati Eye Institute, USA

    International Joint Commission of Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (IJCAHPO) Past President and International Relations Secretary; ICO (International Council of Ophthalmology), Director for Education

  • Kisii Eye Hospital

    Dr Dan Kiage, MD
    Innovation Eye Centre
    Kisii, Kenya

  • University of Brussels
    Peter van Elderen
    Brussels, Belgium
WAEH 2018 meeting
  • Review programme
  • Review attendees
  • Social programme
  • Review Location 2 & 3 – Programme, Timeline, Hotel & Flights, attendees
    Programme visit Baltimore June 11 2018 is included in the above programme.
    Visit Miami – PROGRAMME (Update June 3 – 2018)
Member meeting 2018Agenda & Documents
  • Agenda & Documents
Projects / White paper
  • White paper II – topic: the review of high cost of drugs”
  1. Overview questions has been made and sent to the proposed participants (this overview included the received input from Thoneh)
  2. Please attend the round table Thursday June 7
Potential Extra Topic Meeting October 2018
  • Possible topics

  1. Review Proposals Projects WAEH
  2. WAEH strategy 2019 and beyond
  3. WAEH new member acquisition
  4. Extra topic: review outcomes project expensive medicine
  • Potential locations

  1. Fondation Asile des Aveugles – Lausanne, Switzerland
  2. King Khaled Eye Hospital – new full member – UAE
  3. Moorfields Eye Hospital – Abu Dabi
Choice of a new vice chairman WAEH
Location Annual Meeting 2022
  • The board has received an informal proposal received from the Fondation Asile des Aveugles (Lausanne, Switzerland) to organize the annual meeting.
  • Upcoming events and locations:
    • 2018: USA. Dates: 6 – 9 June 2018
    • 2019: London, UK
    • 2020: Singapore combined with Malaysia
    • 2021: Stockholm, Sweden
    • 2022: Melbourne, Australia
    • 2023: Potential location: Switzerland
WAEH 2019 meeting
  • Please plan in  your agenda’s: London – 5 – 9 June 2019
  • During the wrap up at the end of the meeting on Saturday, the dates will be announced
To be reviewed
Wrap up
Get to gether with new members at Kellogg Eye Center