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Also at The Rotterdam Eyehospital: 2 eyes operated on cataract at the same time

2024-04-08 10:24:28

In September, the first patients underwent surgery for cataracts on two eyes in 1 day. This was done under local anesthesia.

Bart Zijlmans, ophthalmologist specializing in cataracts: “Cataract bilateral surgery, or cataract surgery on 2 eyes in 1 day, is of course a very nice development for patients. This way the patient has to come to the hospital less often and is helped on two eyes in 1 day. The patient therefore sees clearly again much faster with two eyes.” It is also nice for the patient’s companion or family caregiver. The preliminary examinations for both eyes are scheduled at the same time, the surgery takes place on one day and also after the surgery the patient only has to come back once. After surgery, the number of hours of home care required is also halved. “And we also help the environment a little this way, because the patient doesn’t have to take the car to the hospital as often,” smiles Zijlmans.

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