New Chinese member of the WAEH

The board of the WAEH wants to wish the following eye hospital a warm welcome:
Eye & Ent Hospital Fudan University, in Shanghai, China.

The World Association of Eye Hospitals is a world wide network of eye hospitals and is happy to welcome Eye & Ent Hospital Fudan University as a full member.

All WAEH members are “centres of excellence” in the area of ophthalmology in their own country and focus on delivering the best and most safe ophthalmic care.

Eye & ENT Hospital, Fudan University Shanghai

Some short facts about the Eye and ENT Hospital:

  • 1100 employees with 150 ophthalmologists, 125 nurses and 10 Optometrists
  • 800.000  annual patient visits
  • 34.000 operations, including injections
  • A doctor of the Eye and ENT Hospital sees about 60-80 patients a day
  • Patients do not have to go to the general practitioner before going to the hospital
  • 10.000 cataract operations each year
  • A cataract patient stays 2 days in the hospital

Attending the WAEH meeting in China in June this year? Please join us also for the visit to Shanghai on Monday June 19, 2017. You can tell the support team of the WAEH you would like to join this visit via the registration form: REGISTER.

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Maaike van Zuilen,