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2022-05-16 10:48:37

WAEH 2019 Meeting London

On behalf of the board of the WAEH, A BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your valuable contributions and energetic support that made the 13th annual meeting a great success!! A BIG THANK YOU also to the Moorfields team for being such a wonderful host of the 13th annual meeting and the teams of the West of England Eye Unit (Exeter, UK) and The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital (Dublin, Ireland) for hosting the 2nd and 3th visits after the WAEH meeting. Below a short overview, pictures and more!

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We have uploaded a whole bunch of presentations for you! And don’t forget to download the graphic reports and attendee list!

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Start Nursing Fellowship

During the WAEH 2019 meeting the Nursing Fellowship in Ophthalmology has been launched. In the upcoming months we will let you know more via this newsletter!

Third year with Round tables

This year we organized for the third time the round tables. Topics this year: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Ophthalmology,  Education & Traning, Keratoconus International Consortium, WAEH Medical Outcomes, The Patient Voice, Different Models of Eye Care, WAEH project Enucleation, Service Improvement in Eye Hospitals. The outcomes of the round tables are also shared via the knowledge hub.

Best quote of WAEH 2019

Professor Sir Peng Tee Khaw – Keynote Research Shaping The Future of Eye Care

“Innovation is not an option,
it is essential.
Research is not an option,
it is essential”

2019 Our First
WAEH – Philanthropy Workshop
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Sol Innovation Award 2019

The Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute & Hospital (Bangladesh), full member of the WAEH, won the Sol Innovation Award of 2019.

Mark Petty Presentation Award

Mitchell Wilson from The Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital from Melbourne, Australia, full member of the WAEH, won the Mark Petty 2019 Presentation Award. Congratulations!!

On the picture: David Probert (Moorfields UK), Mark Petty (RVEEH, Melbourne) and Mitchell Wilson (RVEEH, Melbourne).

Mitchell won the award for his outstanding, inspiring and humorful presentation about the WAEH project Enucleation Education Package (PEEP): RVEEH treats up to 100 patients per year. The prospect of enucleation surgery causes significant anxiety so the patients really need a reliable source of truthful information. Moorfield’s Eye Hospital London and Kellogg’s Eye Centre in Michigan expressed their interest and are currently collecting data for this project. The project has 4 key phases and currently we are nearing the end of the research phase which has included sample identification, survey development and mail out, analysis of survey responses and follow up phone calls.

Mitchell works as a Unit Manager Short Stay Care Centre at Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Mlebourne, Australia. If you would like to be connected to him, please send Maaike an email! The outcomes of the WAEH prject will also be shared via this newsletter and the knowledge hub.

New Member Updates

With: Dr. Dan Kiage, CEO from Kisii Eye Hospital from Kenya – our first sponsored member of the WAEH (left) and Dr. Antonio Jaramillo, from Orbis, the Flying Eyehospital. You can find their presentations also on the knowledge hub. Wonderful to hear the updates!!

News from Members

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital donates ophthalmic instruments to associate member Suraj Eye Institute

Read more:

Eyexcel – Excellence
in Eye Care Training

July 29 – Aug 2, 2019 at LAICO, Madurai

Everything you need to build your training programme!

  • Is your institution struggling to build your allied ophthalmic personnel workforce?
  • Are you trying to improve the quality of training at your hospital?
  • Are you having trouble balancing patient care as well as training?
  • Are you using appropriate training methods in your classroom, to ensure learning?
  • Then, this course is for you.

Eyexcel helps to strengthen your paramedic training programme.

This course is designed to help you build a competent AOP* workforce.

*WHO recommends the use of the term Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP) to represent all allied eye care staff – including, but not limited to refractionists, orthoptists, optometrists, optician, vision technicians, operating theatre assistants, outpatient and ward assistants, counsellors.

Register as a team: Participating hospital should nominate the training team for this course. Ideally representing the head of the institute, person in charge of the training and one person actively involved in training delivery.

  • This course will equip your team to
  • design a training programme
  • improve classroom experience
  • ensure learning beyond the classroom
  • develop knowledge and skill assessments
  • evaluate your training programme
  • Register your team here I Know more

To enquire about this course contact:

Ms. Dhivya, Senior Faculty

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More news

Wilmer Eye Institute: #1 ophthalmology research program in the U.S

As the #1 ophthalmology research program in the U.S., Wilmer Eye Institute has a big presence at the nation’s biggest ophthalmology research meeting. Here’s a look at what some Wilmer presenters will be talking about at ARVO 2022.

International Schwartz Rounds: looking for panelists

During the coronapandemic the WAEH together with the team from Moorfields organized two webinars about the Schwartz Rounds. This year we would like to organize these rounds again and are looking for panelists!  Schwartz Rounds provide a structured forum where all staff, clinical and non-clinical, come together regularly to discuss the emotional and social aspects […]

Dutch BICAT study proves safety and effectiveness of immediate sequential bilateral cataract surgery

Image caption: “in ISBCS, transparant eye patches are used (right picture) instead of a non-transparant eye patch in DSBCS (left picture)” News from our full member: University Eye Clinic Maastricht, the Netherlands Immediate sequential bilateral cataract surgery (ISBCS) offers comparable safety and efficacy to delayed sequential bilateral cataract surgery (DSBCS), according to a major Dutch […]

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: Understanding the impact of “hand‐holding volunteers” providing theatre support during surgery ‐ The patient perspective

News from our founding member: Moorfields Eye Hospital The majority of cataract, and some glaucoma eye surgeries is undertaken using local anaesthetic and can be uncomfortable for patients and make them feel anxious. This can be very unpleasant and cause anxiety in patients. Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust uses volunteers in a “hand‐holding” role to provide comfort […]

As WAEH we are there to help….

Olena Kurylo was blinded in her right eye when a missile destroyed her apartment block in the opening hours of Russia’s brutal invasion last month. […] She was in danger of developing a fatal infection from her wounds. It was clear that Olena needed urgent surgery – but first she had to escape what had […]

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