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Newsletter – November 2019

2023-11-29 14:03:50

Invitation of JECIM 2020

Dear WAEH members, On behalf of JEC Eye Hospitals & Clinics, I would like to invite all members of the World Association of Eye Hospitals (WAEH) to join JEC International Meeting (JECIM) 2020. As the chairman of the 4th JECIM, I am very pleased to announce that this event will be held in February 6-8, 2020, in Jakarta, Indonesia. 2020 is a sacred number for us, ophthalmologists and ophthalmic practitioners, and so is the year. By the year 2020, all people in the world, particularly the millions of needlessly blind, have the right to sight, and the main causes of avoidable blindness are eliminated. One of the main elements for Vision 2020 is human resources development through education and training. As one of the most notable centers of ophthalmology and eye care in Indonesia, we fully support this element to achieve Vision 2020. It has been our tradition to continuously provide education and new insights in patient care as well as research in ophthalmology. Therefore, we have dedicated our extensive effort to deliver a great and memorable congress for the year 2020. Being the region’s preeminent meeting for ophthalmologists, the 4th JECIM will feature more than 50 international speakers to share knowledge and present the latest discoveries in various ophthalmic subspecialties and hospital managements. An attendance figure is anticipated to reach 1,000 delegates. World-renowned experts and respective speakers from four continents and more than ten countries will gather at the 4th JECIM 2020 to share their knowledge and experience. From hospital management symposia, scientific sessions, didactic courses and hands-on workshops, to plenary sessions, we have prepared a comprehensive program for our delegates. The 4th JECIM 2020 also provides delegates with an excellent occasion to establish network and collaborate with peers and friends. Moreover, the next JECIM is also held in conjunction with the 4th World Congress of Ophthalmic Anesthesia (WCOA), the largest and leading event in this field. This event will feature proficient and skillful experts from all around the world. We believe this event will benefit both anesthesiologist and ophthalmologist. On behalf of JECIM committee, I would like to acknowledge World Association of Eye Hospitals (WAEH) and ASEAN Association of Eye Hospitals (AAEH) for their cooperation thus have made this meeting possible. We wish to extend our highest appreciation to Indonesian Ophthalmology Association (IOA) and ARSAMI for their substantial and generous support. Once again, I am beyond delighted to welcome you to this congress. So, be prepared and be captivated with everything that we have organized. Let’s bring science and friendship to the 4th JECIM 2020 and celebrate the year of vision! With warmest regards, Setiyo Budi Riyanto, MD 4th JECIM 2020 Chairman

WAEH meet up during JECIM

During the JECIM2020, the WAEH will organize a meet up for full and associate members attending the JECIM2020. Are you going to be at JECIM? Let’s meet! Let Maaike know if you are going to be there:

Request for more information about Bilateral Cataract consents

The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital is working on a project to explore the possibility of consenting patients for cataract surgery for both eyes at the same appointment. The operations will still be performed one at a time. The expected benefit is to create a more streamlined clinical service, allowing the hospital to be able to see more patients within the clinic to help manage their wait list. From the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital they are interested to know if there are any other organisations who currently have this or something similar implemented in their service, and if so, if they are willing to share information. An Ly, Service Improvement Co-ordinator: It would be great to know how it works and if there are any issues/drawbacks or particular risk management strategies in place to ensure it works smoothly. If you would like to discuss this subject further you’re more than welcome to contact An Ly, Service Improvement Co-ordinator at

Philanthropy Workshop WAEH London 2019

A workshop on fundraising attended by 30 WAEH 2019 delegates took place on 5 June. Delegates heard from keynote speaker Tim Johnson about the challenges and opportunities in fundraising for hospitals using the case study of fundraising for a new heart and lung centre for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children led by Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity of which he had been CEO for ten years. Delegates then each took part in a world-café style workshop taking it in turns within their group to discuss topic: getting started on fundraising; developing ethical principles for health fundraising; how to engage clinicians in fundraising; and getting existing donors to become connectors to new donors. Delegates, both those whose hospitals were new to fundraising or who were thinking of getting started, and those whose hospitals were longer established, shared their different experiences and what they had in common. Key learnings included: recognising that fundraising takes time to build up, the need for clear guidelines and transparency as to how donations were used, the need for key clinicians to feel confident about talking about fundraising, and the importance of thanking doors and telling them about the impact of what had happened because of fundraising. Want to know more? Please contact Robert Dufton from Moorfields


The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital (RVEEH) in Melbourne Australia is collaborating with Moorfields of London and Kellogg Eye Centre in Michigan (USA) to better understand the patient experience of enucleation surgery and the impact of living with an artificial eye. To date 151 surveys have been competed by patients across the 3 organisations, in addition to 10 patient interviews and day workshop attended by patient and carers at RVEEH. The aim of this collaboration is to develop a patient centred education package for patients who require enucleation and an artificial eye. To assist the project further the WAEH community are invited to forward examples of patient information brochures / factsheets currently provided to patients who require enucleation surgery. Your examples can be sent to Mitchell Wilson, Project Lead at


Management Priorities in Eye Care Delivery for

Heads of Eye Hospitals

Jan 19 – 25, 2020 LAICO Madurai

This course is designed for medical and non-medical professionals who are in the senior management and leadership positions of eye hospital or eye departments. Over the last 18 batches this annual course has trained over 444 leaders from 41 countries.

Kindly nominate potential participants from your eye hospital!

At the end of the workshop the participants will be equipped to: The course enables the participants to:

  • Reach out to more patients in you service area
  • Bring in more paying patients
  • Keep a tab on everyday operations
  • Make the best use of all your resources
  • Create an enabling environment for you team
  • Lead a motivated and dedicated workforce
  • Maintain a focus on quality
  • Provide patient-centered care
  • Create a sustainable organisation
  • Design comprehensive eye care services to meet the needs of the community

Register Here       Know More


Sanil Joseph

What makes an eye care programme succeed?

Management Training for Eye Care Programme Managers

Jan 29 – Feb 11, 2020 LAICO Madurai

This course is for you if…

…you are a programme manager engaged in large scale eye care projects at eye hospitals, international funding agencies or government institutions The course enables the participants to:

  • Get an overview of priority eye diseases and their public health implications
  • Assess the magnitude of global eye care problems
  • Identify gaps in service and estimate resource availability and requirements
  • Use evidence to prioritise needs during programme planning
  • Create an enabling environment for partner institutions and stakeholders
  • Design sustainable eye care programmes
  • Apply preferred practices to the participant’s own project

Register Here       Nominate a candidate       Know More

Course Faculty:

Dhivya Ramasamy

Optometry Today’s view on WAEH event in London

Optometry Today has released their article and videos from this year’s World Association of Eye Hospitals conference in London. In the article OT shares their pick of seven projects presented at the event.
  • Detecting diabetic retinopathy in India and Thailand presented, by Dr Alan Karthikesalingam, senior clinician scientist at Deep Mind Health.
  • Algorithms trained to identify gender using fundus photography, by Google.
  • Using an AI-system to plan treatments for cancer patients, presented by Dr Alan Karthikesalingam.
  • Identifying lung cancer with AI, presented by Dr Alan Karthikesalingam.
  • Predicting readmission to hospital, presented by Dr Alan Karthikesalingam.
  • Using AI to screen glaucoma, presented by Koen Vermeer, director of the Rotterdam Opthalmic Institute.
  • Predicting glaucoma progression, presented by Rahul Shah, assistant administrator at the Wilmer Eye Institute in the US.
Koen Vermeer on using AI to screen glaucoma
Rahul Shah on AI projects at the Wilmer Eye Institute
Read: Article Optometry Today

We would like to hear from you!

In our eyes the last conference in London was a big succes, but there is always room for improvement! That’s why we want to ask you for some feedback by filling in our survey: The survey will only take a couple minutes of your time. We would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

New FULL Member

Research department of Orenburg branch of S.N. Fyodorov “NMRC” MNTK “Eye Microsurgery” More information will follow soon!!

What’s on the agenda?


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WAEH Webinar The Netherlands is a leading country in providing same-day bilateral cataract surgery as a treatment for cataracts. In a large study (coordinated by the University Eye Clinic Maastricht) involving 865 patients in 10 hospitals in the Netherlands, it has been shown that same-day bilateral cataract surgery is safe, effective and cost-effective. This study […]


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