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The Year That Was

2023-12-04 09:29:36

Dear friends and colleagues,

2022 saw us able to resume many in-person activities, including WRA Day, the Wilmer Research Meeting and the Annual Technician Course. We also had the option of attending, in person, events that included AAO and ARVO. We launched the rising professorships program to support our junior faculty, hosted the annual meeting of the World Association of Eye Hospitals and celebrated as Wilmer was again voted the #1 ophthalmology program in the nation. Now, as we embark on a new year, we look back on 2022 and some of the stories, big and small, that marked the year at Wilmer. 

All the best in this new year,

-Peter J. McDonnell, M.D.

2022 Highlights

Wilmer tops Ophthalmology Times Rankings (Again!)

Wilmer was ranked Best Overall Program and the #1 Research Program in the Ophthalmology Times annual survey for the third consecutive year. In addition, Wilmer moved up to take the #2 spot for Clinical Care. This achievement is a testament to the tireless commitment of our faculty, staff and trainees to provide the best care for our patients and advance the field of ophthalmology.

Accelerating the Careers of Wilmer’s Rising Leaders

2022 saw the launch of a program of rising professorships that are providing training and support to help accelerate the careers of Wilmer’s next generation of leaders.

The World Association of Eye Hospitals Convenes at Wilmer

On Oct. 4, Wilmer hosted an international audience for the 16th Annual Meeting of the World Association of Eye Hospitals (WAEH). Attendees came from as far away as Australia to hear remarks from Peter J. McDonnell, M.D., the William Holland Wilmer Professor of Ophthalmology, Wilmer speakers and others on a wide variety of topics relevant to the running of a successful eye hospital. Wilmer administrator Cathy Kowalewski is chair of WAEH.

Shaking Up the Status Quo

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of both students and faculty members, Wilmer now boasts the most diverse residency program in its history.

News Bites

Growing Wilmer

Wilmer continued to extend its footprint in the community with the expansion of the Green Spring Station clinic, a new optical shop at Wilmer-Columbia, and the construction of a new Kashani Lab, expected to open later this year. The newly renovated Residents Lounge, seen here, boasts nearly twice the space as the previous lounge and features workstations for each of Wilmer’s 15 residents. 

Vision for Baltimore Celebrates 10,000 Pairs of Eyeglasses for Baltimore Students

On Nov. 1, Vision for Baltimore distributed its 10,000th pair of eyeglasses to Baltimore City Public Schools students during a ceremony in the East Baltimore school’s library.

Welcome and Adieu

In 2022, we welcomed numerous new faculty and staff members. We also bade farewell to those who left us — and left behind their legacies — among them, Daniel FinkelsteinMark HerringDavid Knox and Cathy Taylor.

In Case You Missed It

While the following stories may not have made news headlines, they gave us insight into the lives and passions of Wilmer staff and warmed our hearts.

Training Man’s Best Friend

As a research program coordinator at Wilmer Eye Institute, Dagmar Wehling often sees patients who have guide dogs to help them navigate. After Wehling’s family lost their own beloved dog, they decided to train a puppy who would provide greater independence for people with blindness or visual impairment.

Where Art and Ophthalmology Meet

Margaret “Maggie” Freeman, certified ophthalmic assistant, is combining her love for art with her passion for helping people: She’s training to become an ocularist. 

Wilmer Alum Pens Moving Tribute to Beloved Residency Program Coordinator

In a poignant Ophthalmology Times blog post, Wilmer alum Ian Han, M.D. remembers residency program coordinator Cathy Taylor. “Cathy’s parting gift to us was to knit us together more tightly,” says Han.

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