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WAEH Board Meeting

  • Wednesday 23 February 2022
  • Time: 13.00 Central European Time
  • Location: via Zoom


  • Chair of the WAEH:
    • Mrs. Cathy Kowalewski, Wilmer Eye Institute – Johns Hopkins Hospital, USA
  • Mr. Martin Kuper, Moorfields Eye Hospital, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Nelson, Kellogg Eye Center, USA
  • Dato Kulasegaran, Tun Hussein On National Eye Hospital, Malaysia
  • Mr. Igor Schillevoort, The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Abdulaziz AlRajhi, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyaad
  • Mr. Li Li, Aier Eye Hospital Group, China
  • Mrs. Charity Wai, Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore
  • Mr. Brendon Gardner, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Australia
  • Mr. Rodrigo Hasegawa, Hoftalon Eye Hospital, Brasil
  • Dr. Tjahjono, Jakarta Eye Center, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Dr. Anne Odergren, St. Erik Eye Hospital, Stockholm
  • Mr. Wim Oosterom – external WAEH advisor to the board

Board meeting organized by: Maaike van Zuilen, WAEH


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1. Welcome
  • Welcome to our new board member – Short introduction by:
    • New representations:
      • Anne Odergren, St. Erik Eye Hospital, Stockholm
Cathy Kowalewski
2. Finances
Wim Oosterom
3. WAEH Annual Meeting
  • Short reflection 2021 meeting: Website:
    • The 15th WAEH Annual Meeting was our second online meeting
    • One day programme about Eye Hospital Design
    • 100+ participants from all over the world
  • Looking forward to our 16th Annual Meeting in 2022:
    • Review structure and proposal 
    • Hosts: Wilmer Eye Institute Johns Hopkins (Baltimore) and The Koret Eye Institute (San Francisco)
    • Suggestion by Abdulaziz AlRajhi – Connect WAEH meeting with the AAO meeting, so people from abroad can connect the two meetings and don’t need to travel to the USA twice (probably also not allowed by US borders)
    • Based on the above suggestion – Proposal dates:
      • AAO meeting: AAO 2022
        Friday, Sept. 30 – Monday, Oct. 3
      • WAEH meeting: Wednesday October 5 – Monday October 11
        • Tuesday October 4: travel day from AAO to Baltimore
        • Wednesday October 5:
          • Morning: Boardmeeting
          • Afternoon: visit to innovative location: open to members / board members
          • Evening: WAEH dinner: get to know your fellow-members / speed dating with WAEH members
        • Thursday October 6 and Friday October 7 – full day programme
        • Saturday October 8: travel to San Francisco
        • Sunday October 9: visit Koret Eye Institute
        • Monday October 10: visit Silicon valley / visit innovative location
Maaike van Zuilen
4. Member acquisition
  • Lusaka Eye Hospital – Zambia, Africa – Sponsored member – update
  • Conversations with:
    • Eye Health Africa – African Eye Hospital Association
    • Dr. Fatehmah Alshamlan – Dhahran Eye Specialist Hospital – Saudi Arabia
    • Dr Jaime LOzano Alcazar Fundación Hospital de Nuestra Señora de la Luz – Mexico
    • Prof. David Steel – Sunderland Eye Infirmary – United Kingdom
  • Overview of eyehospitals with interest in the WAEH
Maaike van Zuilen
5. WAEH Projects
  • Update WAEH Medical Outcomes – Keratoconus
  • Update WAEH Medical Outcomes – Primary Retinal Detachment – organized by MVZ 

    • The Rotterdam Eye Hospital – dr. Sonia Manning has started the development of the Medical Indicator Set for Primary Retinal Detachment
    • The group of experts has been finalized and has been invited for the three development meetings:
      • Shaomin PENG, Lead of AIER Retina Team, Aier Eyehospital Group, China  
      • Gemmy Cheung Chui Ming, Singapore Nationale Eye Centre, Singapore
      • David Steel, Sunderland Eye Infirmary, United Kingdom 
      • A/Prof. Penelope Allen, Centre for Eye Research Australia, Australia
      • Jacey Hongjie MA, retina doctor, Aier Eyehospital Group, China  
      • Marcos Rubio, Retina Division, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Saudi Arabia
      • Adam Wenick, MD, PhD, Wilmer Eye Hospital, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, USA
    • Leads of this group:
      • Sonia Manning, Ophthalmologist The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, The Netherlands
      • Michele van der Kemp, External Value Based Healthcare Expert
      • Layla Teunissen, policymaker The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, The Netherlands
      • Maaike van Zuilen, WAEH

Maaike van Zuilen
6. Update action points
  • Start Communities of Practice:

    • Global Communications
      • The Community of Practice is open for all marketing and communications experts from member-eyehospitals
      • 24 February 2022 – 13.00 CET
  • Two email threads have been started on requests of members:

    • 3D printing of prosthetic eyes
    • Nursing practitioners

    • Next steps for this email threads:
      • Organize brainstorm meeting
      • Look into tools that make email threads more efficient
    Maaike van Zuilen
    7. To be reviewed
    8. Upcoming data
    • Board meeting dates of the board meetings in 2022
      • 23 February: 13.00 CET/7am EST  
      • 16 May:  14.00 CET/8am EST
      • 30 June: 14.00 CET/8am EST
      • 7 Dec:  13.00 CET/7am EST

    • Wednesday February 9
      WAEH Project group – Medical Outcome set of Primary Retinal Detachment
    • Wednesday February 23
      WAEH Project group – Medical Outcome set of Primary Retinal Detachmen
    • Thursday 24 February
      WAEH Communities of Practice
      Global Marketing & Communications
    • 2-3 March 2022
      2030 In Sight LIVE!
    • March 1 – 15, 2022
      Online Course Aravind Eye Care System I
    • Wednesday 23 March
      WAEH Project group – Medical Outcome set of Primary Retinal Detachment
    • Thursday March 24
      WAEH Nurse Education