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Jos Hubers

Still thinking about it

  1. A summary of results of the HR community of practices
  2. Results of a employee/opthalmologistst work experience survey in relation to retention of our employees
  3. “new” recruitmenttools to find the right employees

Key sentences

  • WAEH HR Community of Practice; actual situation
  • Employee and opthalmologists work experience survey in the Rotterdam Eye Hospital; what are the key facts
  • In early 2023, our Employee Survey took place. A few striking results: many employees and doctors are satisfied with their own jobs, working at The Eye Hospital and the cooperation in their teams. A number of points for attention are widely shared: cooperation between teams, vitality and we experience (too much) undesirable fbehavior, both internally colleagues) and externally (patients, other external parties).
  • In the Strategic Consultation (the Board of Directors, management ) it was decided, to put additional focus on the coming years: (reducing) undesirable behavior internally & (improving) cooperation between teams. We consider this important to improve in order to provide the best eye care within a safe and pleasant learning and working climate. ut this is also important to keep our employees committed to us.
  • Retain people is one big issue , but to find the right people is also a big issue in a difficult labour market. With the help of new/other recruitment tools we have had succes in finding the right nurses and IT professionals.