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WAEH Newsletter – April 2021

2024-06-20 13:22:57

The University Eye Clinic (Maastricht, The Netherlands) – Full member

Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary (Chicago, USA) – Associate Member

Triemli City Hospital, Department of Ophtalmology (Zürich, Switzerland) – Associate member

WAEH Webinar: Thursday 22 April

Webinar: Robotic Eye Surgery. How can Robotics contribute to Eye Surgery?


  • 7.00 AM CST – Mexico City (Mexico) 
  • 9.00 AM EDT – New York, Ann Arbor (USA)
  • 10.00 AM CLST – Santiago (Chile) 
  • 2.00 PM BST – London (UK)
  • 3.00 PM CEST – Rotterdam (The Netherlands) 
  • 3.00 PM CEST – Stockholm (Sweden)
  • 8.00 PM WIB – Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • 9.00 PM SGT – Singapore
  • 9.00 PM MYT – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • 12.00 PM AEDT – Melbourne (Australia)

Moderator: Maaike van Zuilen, Global Lead of the WAEH / Support Team

The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai (Chicago, USA)

James C. Tsai, M.D., M.B.A.
President – New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai
Delafield-Rodgers Professor and Chair Department of Ophthalmology
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai (Chicago, USA)

Sean Ianchulev, MD MPH
Chief Executive Officer, Eyenovia, Inc.
Professor of Ophthalmology
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
The current status of VR robotic surgery with results from our last pucker peeling study in the Rotterdam Eye Hospital

Dr. Koorosh Faridpooya
The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

Triemli City Hospital, (Zürich, Switzerland)

Prof. Dr. med. Matthias D. Becker
Director & Head of Department of Ophthalmology
Stadtspital Waid und Triemli – from Zürich

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New! WAEH Data Policy

New WAEH Data Policy now on The Knowledge Hub

The mission of the World Association of Eye Hospitals is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between members of the WAEH. For example, knowledge sharing takes place within projects, where data of individual members is shared and compared for the purpose of mutual learning. The WAEH data policy describes the provisions concerning data sharing between members and data sharing with new members and external parties.

Go to the Knowledge Hub here
You can read the Data Policy on the Knowledge Hub under the ‘projects’ tab.

Please join! 
WAEH project: Clinician Burn out

Happy, Healthy Workplace; developing a global best practice to prevent (clinician) burnout

Research has shown that reduced well-being of clinicians (doctors, optometrists, allied health staff, and other employees) has a negative impact on the quality of care provided. During this project we would like to identify factors that lead to mental illness or reduce well-being and form an obstacle in the successful creation of a happy, healthy working environment.

The WAEH project ‘Clinician Burn Out’ lead by The Rotterdam Eye Hospital focuses on sharing knowledge and experience about Clinician Burn Out between WAEH member eyehospitals worldwide. The objective is to develop a global best practice based on local solutions and to create an active global community of practice about the development of a happy, healthy working environment. 

In 2020, clinicians at The Rotterdam Eye Hospital filled out a questionnaire about the above topics. Currently, Rotterdam is analyzing the results of the questionnaire. The next step is to include other members of the WAEH. Are you interested to know more about how to prevent clinician burn out? Please join! Send an email to Maaike van Zuilen:

The WAEH Knowledge Hub is updated!

The 25 March recording and presentations are now online!

Organising an Intravitreal Injection Facility
The 25 March webinar about Organising an Intravitreal Injection Facility is now online on the WAEH Knowledge Hub! WAEH members can login via the Knowledge hub and watch the webinar.

Updated Login details – Knowledge Hub
From now on the Hub no longer has a personal login, but now the hub has a central login for all members. You can contact Maaike van Zuilen at: to request the login details.

30 April 2021 – Friday

WAEH Webinar – Schwartz Rounds

Time: 13.00 – 14.00 (UK time)

Did you miss the Schwartz Rounds last year on 3 december? This year there will be a LIVE Schwartz Rounds!

What are Schwartz Rounds?
Schwartz Rounds provide a structured forum where all staff, clinical and non-clinical, come together to discuss the emotional and social aspects of working in healthcare. Rounds can help staff feel more supported in their jobs, allowing them the time and space to reflect on their roles. Register here.

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Suggestions or ideas about interesting and important eyecare and eye hospital topics and themes are welcome and can also be submitted via the Registration form. Welcome!!

Moderators: Maaike van Zuilen, Andy Dwyer, Anita Aubrey and Rashmi Mathew

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20 May 2021 – Thursday

WAEH Webinar – Education in Eye Hospitals


•    4.00 AM CST – Mexico City (Mexico) 
•    6.00 AM EDT – New York, Ann Arbor (USA) 
•    7.00 AM CLST – Santiago (Chile) 
•    11.00 AM BST – London (UK)
•    12.00 AM CEST – Rotterdam (The Netherlands) 
•    12.00 AM CEST – Stockholm (Sweden) 
•    5.00 PM WIB – Jakarta (Indonesia)
•    6.00 PM SGT – Singapore
•    6.00 PM MYT – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
•    9.00 PM AEDT – Melbourne (Australia)

 Patient-Centered Design
“Moorfields Education has designed six educational experiences to empower patients living with AMD, glaucoma and uveitis. They have been developed using Patient-Centered design, where input from patients has been included from beginning to end. Three advisory boards consisting of medical and non medical staff were set up to create and peer review the material made. This content was then designed to be accessible and interactive by educational professionals.”

Marcus Pedersen is the learning technologist for Moorfields Eye Hospital and has overseen the development of this project. 

And meet our new member from Maastricht – The Netherlands!

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Suggestions or ideas about interesting and important eyecare and eye hospital topics and themes are welcome and can also be submitted via the Registration form. Welcome!!

Moderator: Maaike van Zuilen
Speaker(s): Marcus Pedersen

10, 11 and 12 June 2021

Eleventh Course and 1st International Congress PASTEUR 2021 – Virtual

Clínica Oftalmológica Pasteur:

Read more here

Source: Clínica Oftalmológica Pasteur

30 April 2021 – Friday

Kellogg Eye Center

Doctors aren’t sure what causes age-related macular degeneration, a disease that affects millions of people in the United States. Also called AMD, it is known for causing blurred central vision due to damage to the macula — a small area at the back of the eye. Currently, there is no cure.

But there are known risk factors that eye care professionals often use to help determine a patient’s likelihood of developing AMD. “People who have had more birthdays are the ones who are susceptible,” says Julie Rosenthal, M.D., a Kellogg Eye Center retina specialist.

Date: 23 January 2021
Read the full article and extended tips here
Source: Kellogg Eye Center

The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary

Congratulations on 200 years of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary!

In 2020, The New York Eye Infirmary celebrated their 200th Anniversary!

Maaike van Zuilen, Global Lead of the WAEH / Support Team received this beautiful book named ‘A vision of hope’ from The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai about their remarkable 200 year history! What a beautiful and inspiring book.

We would like to thank you and wish The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary many more beautiful and inspiring years to go!

Image: A vision of hope book cover by The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai

Suraj Eye Institute

Facilitating a COVID-19 testing facility for the community

The Suraj Eye Institute was asked to take up Covid Vaccinations for their community. See some of the photos taken below!

Date: 2021
Source: Suraj Eye Institute

Fondation Asile des aveugles

From birth, children’s vision deserves constant vigilance

Because they can go unnoticed and become irreversible over time, the vision problems of younger children are at the heart of crucial screening. Among the key players: pediatricians, school nurses, ophthalmologists, of course. But also the parents themselves, key witnesses of a daily life and of a family history to be taken into account.

An eye that wanders from time to time, a forehead that creases in front of an image, a strange gleam in the pupil on a portrait, or even, after school, a sentence slipped casually: ” Margot lent me her notebook, I couldn’t read the words on the board. It could be chance: a camera in the wrong direction, a schoolmaster with imperfect handwriting that day… but when in doubt, it is better to stop there and consult if necessary. The reason ? “Children put up with a lot of things without complaining,” notes Dr Pierre-François Kaeser , head of the strabology unit.and pediatric ophthalmology at the Jules-Gonin ophthalmic hospital. In case of embarrassment, they will tilt their heads, rub their eyes, nothing more. The problem is twofold. The first: if an underlying pathology is indeed present, then action must be taken. And sometimes quickly.

Header image: From the retinoblastoma interview, Fondation Asile des aveugles

Date: 4 February 2021
Read the full article here
Source: Fondation Asile des aveugles

Orbis – Flying Eye Hospital

Visionary women of OrBis

Twin sisters Chhaya and Chhavi are breaking gender barriers. They are #VisionaryWomen who are saving sight and paving paths for girls in India. How did they do it? In part, by playing football! This International Women’s Day, discover how Orbis supporters help elevate women and close the gender gap in blindness.
Chhaya and Chhavi Tiwary never dreamt they’d have a rewarding, professional career. Restricting attitudes about what women can and cannot do are prevalent in many communities around the world. In these places, girls and women do not have the same opportunities as their brothers and fathers.

But the sisters were given a remarkable chance, thanks to Orbis supporters and the founder of Orbis partner Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital, Mrityunjay Tiwari.

Fifteen years ago, Mrityunjay saw three urgent needs in rural Bihar, India: an eye hospital, healthcare workers to staff it, and girls’ education. He decided to address all three. First, though, Mrityunjay needed to change the community’s attitudes about girls’ and women’s capabilities.

The answer? Give girls the chance to play football!

Read their full story here

Image: #VisionaryWomen of Orbis: Twin sisters Chhaya and Chhavi are dismantling gender stereotypes and fighting blindness from Orbis Newsitem

Date: 4 March 2021
Source:  Orbis, The Flying Eye Hospital

St. Erik Eye Hospital

Donated corneas saved his eyesight

With two transplanted corneas, Ömer Yasar was finally able to see sharp lines and clear colours again. The eye disease keratoconus had been slowly ruining his vision ever since childhood. Every now and then I think about who donated their corneas to me, because I am so grateful that I got my sight back, he says.

Header image: Ömer Yasar. Photo: Anna Molander from St. Erik Eye Hospital newsitem

Date: 11 March 2021
Read the interview with Ömer Yasar here
Source: St. Erik Eye Hospital

Moorfields Eye Hospital

Moorfields study finds medical retina hotline is helpful for patients needing urgent advice

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Moorfields Eye Hospital, along with many other trusts increased their use of tele-medicine services, but there has been little evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of tele-consultations. Moorfields’ medical retina team investigated their service and found the  medical retina hotline to be helpful and effective for urgent advice.

As part of Moorfields virtual services, the medical retina team set up a clinician-led hotline, where patients could share concerns about their condition without needing to come into hospital.

Date: 22 March 2021
Read more here
Source: Moorfields Eye Hospital

St. Erik Eye Hospital

Glaucoma researcher Pete Williams is awarded the Axel Hirsch Prize 2021

Assistant Professor and Research Group Leader Pete Williams at Karolinska Institutet and St. Erik Eye Hospital receives the Axel Hirsch Prize 2021. He is awarded for his groundbreaking studies on glaucoma and the discovery that metabolic dysfunction casues mitochondrial abnormalities and neurodegeneration in patients with glaucoma.

Header image: Pete Williams. Photo: Johan Gunséus, from St. Erik Eye Hospital newsitem

Date: 26 March 2021
Read more here
Source: St. Erik Eye Hospital

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Date: 26 april 2021

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