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The board of the WAEH welcomes the St. John from Jerusalem Eye Hospital as a new full member. The World Association of Eye Hospitals is a world wide network of eye hospitals and is happy to welcome the St. John from Jerusalem Eye Hospital as one of it’s members. All member-hospitals are “centres...

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WAEH annual meeting 2014

The next annual meeting of the WAEH will be organized in close cooperation with the Aravind Eye Care System. We welcome you to India! For more information: flyer. Today we are very happy to confirm the dates and location for this next meeting– so please save them in your agenda: Location:...

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9th Annual Meeting of the WAEH – Singapore

9th Annual Meeting of the WAEH – Singapore  – May 21 – 24 – 2015 The 9th meeting will be organized in close cooperation with the Singapore National Eye Centre.The meeting will start with an informal social meeting in the evening of May 20.More information will follow in the upcoming...

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ROTTERDAM EYE HOSPITAL wins Dutch Safe Health Care Award

2 June 2009 – The initiative Team Resource Management of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital has won the Dutch IGZ ZorgVeiligPrijs (Safe Health Care Award). That was announced by Inspector General Gerrit van der Wal on June 11th at the yearly patient safety congress of the IGZ (Dutch Health Care Inspectorate)....

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Annual WAEH meeting 2009

The annual WAEH-meeting has taken place in Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallin and Tartu.Overall theme WAEH 2009: ‘eye care network development’Eye care network development: Cooperation in primary health careFranchise Network Development country wide Innovations: The boundary of our eye product...

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